What’s the deal with Georgia?

When Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal announced on Monday, March 28 his intentions to veto a religious liberty bill that would allow discrimination against members of the LGBT+ community, it seemed like an insanely progressive move for a deeply conservative state, right? I mean, Georgia is part of the Bible Belt. This place breathes Conservative Christianity. It’s as commonplace as Waffle Houses. So, what’s the deal with Gov. Deal’s veto? Is Georgia becoming more accepting of members of the LGBT+ community? Is this red state adding a little blue? Is it becoming... dare I say, liberal? The simple answer to that is no. Right now, Georgia is more worried about the green than it is in staying red. You see, the driving force behind Gov. Deal’s veto is big business. Businesses and corporations like Disney, the NFL and Unilever, among many others, are all condemning the bill. They are saying that they’ll stop working in Georgia and take their jobs elsewhere if this bill is signed into law. While this is a nice change to the portrayal of corporations as a malevolent force that’s only concerned about making profits and skirting taxes, it does show something very concerning with American politics. It’s one thing if people (and in my eyes, businesses are not people, despite what the Supreme Court says) are driving social change. It’s another thing if corporate giants are using financial blackmail to get their way, no matter how noble the intentions or the cause. That’s how democracy should work. It should be the people who elected officials respond to. It should not be big business saying “jump” and then officials say “how high?” in order keep money rolling in. And let me be clear: I think that Gov. Deal is making the right decision in vetoing the bill. I also appreciate the help that businesses are trying to provide to the LGBT+ community. However, I think the problem is that this discriminatory bill is being vetoed not because of respect for human beings in all their diversity. It is not being vetoed out of compassion or the belief that people should not be discriminated against just for who they love. This bill is being vetoed because of money. This simply makes me sad. It’s sad because it shows how far we have yet to go on this issue. It’s sad that we can’t come together out of mutual respect for each other and say that it’s not okay to discriminate. Really, it’s just sad that we can find answers to discrimination in our pocketbooks, but can’t seem to find those answers in our hearts.

Convocation: Contradicting, disorganized and pointless

Convocation was a disappointment. I’m not saying this out of anti-conservative anger or a “down with the institution” mentality. I’m saying this as an open-minded college student who attended what should have been an event that questioned my ideals and inspired me to act. It did not. Contradictions  Ridge criticized Obama’s recent nuclear deal with Iran, because it wasn’t “enough of a hard stance.” Yet, under Bush’s administration, Ridge did nothing in response to Iran when the country went from zero to over 5,000 centrifuges. Even Fox News, the most conservative news agency in human existence, criticized Bush’s VP, Dick Cheney, for their nonresponse to Iran during his administration. Ridge criticized Obama’s handling of ISIS and again, lack of hardline responses, but Bush’s administration (Ridge’s boss) is largely responsible for the existence of ISIS. After Bush decimated the Iraqi government, there was a power vacuum in the Middle East; a vacuum that was quickly filled by ISIS. Ridge criticized Obama again for closing Guantanamo Bay, Ridge suggested the Guantanamo could prove useful, as long as those locked away received “tribunals and due process.” Yet, once again, Bush’s adminstration created the program and is largely responsible for its failures. Call to Action  “Go out and vote.” That is what I got from Ridge. And that Tom Ridge is very old and has “less tomorrows than the rest of us.” Sweet. Thanks for the blanket advice. But what about all that terrorism stuff? Ya know, what you came to speak on? Convocation is meant to inspire freethinking and critical discussion. Not to spread conservative propaganda and fear

Germany steps up in refugee crisis

British professor Anthony Glees called Germany “a hippie state led by its emotions” in reference to chancellor Angela Merkel opening the German-Austrian border for refugees stranded in Hungary. To me, a German, this comment is nothing short of hilarious. Germans are usually stereoyped as boring, rude, humorless and, most important, rule-abiding. However, when Merkel recently invited refugees into Germany, she broke an important Eurpean Union rule: The European country in which a refugee first lands has to take care of him and process his asylum request. Only if he is granted that, a refugee may receive a work license and can later obtain citizenship. This is why Hungary is overwhelmed with handling the refugee crisis at the moment - the mostly Syrian people come from the East and try to cross  Hungary in order to make their way to Austria, Germany and Sweden, the wealthiest and most welcoming European states. Since Hungary is the first EU-state these refugees land in, Hungary is also in charge of registering all of them. When Merkel opened the border and took in thousands of unregistered refugees, she overrode Hungary’s authority. So it is really not a surprise that the British think Germany has gone bloody insane. If Germany ignores rules now, what’s next? Cold tea? While Germany does struggle to cope with the sheer amount of people streaming into the country, it is nothing compared to the struggles these people have been through. It’s not our duty as a wealthy country to help where help is needed; it is our duty as human beings. No matter how inconvenient this situation is to us, there should be no questions about whether or not we do it. If a life can be saved, there is absolutely no excuse not to do it. While Germany surprised me pleasantly with its willingsness to take care of people in need, unfortunately there is also a right-wing movement stretching across Europe, concentrating in Eastern Europe - specifically in Hungary. While this has been a problem in the past, the increase of people fleeing from war and hunger has consequently led to a rise in the popularity of nationalist and xenophobic groups and parties. This is a problem Europe needs to tackle as soon as possible - and if possible, other countries too. Australia’s former Primer Minister Tony Abbott, for example, has promised to take in 12,000 Syrian refugees. Europe is getting overwhelmed. Germany already restricted the open Austrian-German border again because it lacks the manpower to deal with the amount of people. This must be a temporary occurence. Europe has to continue taking refugees in.

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If the citizen pays taxes, and the tax that he or she pays is quickly translated into public services, then people don’t mind paying taxes. It will not prevent them from buying products online. Like anyone who has a personal, family, or business budget, there are basic utilities that have to be paid to remain in operation, Proscar For Sale. All other expenditures are halted or removed completely unless more money can be brought in from another source.

The legality of the online sales tax will generate revenues that allow Missouri to flexibly maintain a balanced budget prevent budget cuts for necessary services and even provide surplus that can be used for new expenditures or, dare I say it, be returned to taxpayers. Furthermore, the tax gives the citizens more leverage in challenging the state when it forcibly solicits fines and fees for ludacris ordinances.

The sales conducted online are logically conducted within the state if you want to get technical, arguing that the sale was made over a broadband connection that is underground on state soil. It’s time to pay to Caesar, what is Caesar’s; to God, what is God’s.

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Engage the Community

I’m walking down a tree-lined avenue listening to local street musicians while munching on a soft pretzel and sipping pink lemonade. I’m comfortable in my new spring capris, tee and Chuck’s. It’s a beautiful sunny day and I am on my way back to class at Missouri Western. The musicians are fellow Missouri Western students, getting some practice playing to the public. The pretzel and pink lemonade came from a bistro operated by Western students. All of the clothes I am wearing, including the Chucks, were purchased in a neighboring thrift store operated by Western students. This could be our future. Missouri Western has a total of over 700 acres of land. I think we should be addressing ways to join the St. Joseph community to the University. Every day, over 3500 people enter and exit the campus. These people are students, faculty, campus employees, family, friends, vendors and laborers. They eat and shop in the community. Why not develop the land around the school to cater to these people while offering employment opportunities to students? Since Missouri Western developed the current campus, it has been a separation of city and school. I often hear that St. Joseph doesn’t feel like a college town should. Let’s change that. There are many opportunities that could be researched for business possibilities. Small shops featuring students artwork, clothing, music, pottery, and crafts could be scattered among bistros, coffee shops, musical venues, thrift/vintage stores and cozy diners. The possibilities are endless. Many other schools our size offer this adjacent to campus. It would tie the students in with the community, making us more supportive of one another. What better way to create jobs in the community than to create them next to or on campus? Most of the Heartland Health, American Family Insurance, and Mitchell Woods employees pass by our gates daily. Altec employees travel by our campus as well. These are St. Joseph’s largest employers, besides the St. Joseph School District. Let’s address how Missouri Western can help students make money, share their talents and engage the community. I have suggested this idea over the years to many people, hoping that someday the school will take notice and at least look into the possibilities of creating a more pleasant campus experience for everyone.