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Pay to Caesar, what is Caesar’s

December 11, 2013 Comments

Dvonta Richard

  The Jews were indignantly oppressed by the severe and sometimes illegitimate taxation of the Roman Augustus, but for good reason. The Roman tax code was as complex (if not more complex) than the current American tax is today, with “special taxes” that would be collected, more or less, depending on specific contingencies of the […]

Engage the Community

April 12, 2013 Comments

Joyce Stevenson

I’m walking down a tree-lined avenue listening to local street musicians while munching on a soft pretzel and sipping pink lemonade. I’m comfortable in my new spring capris, tee and Chuck’s. It’s a beautiful sunny day and I am on my way back to class at Missouri Western. The musicians are fellow Missouri Western students, […]

Where’s the Gold: Fool’s gold

April 12, 2013 Comments

Dave Hon

Discover gold. It’s the slogan of our wonderful university. this place where Griffons stomp the yard and non-trads roll around with their backpacks, the place that every other university laughs at. “Haha, open enrollment!” Don’t get me wrong, I love this school. But it’s not what I was promised. And that’s what this column is […]

Where’s the Gold?: It’s time to own up to dorm life

April 12, 2013 Comments

Dave Hon

Let’s be real for a minute. They’ll called dorms. When I look back on my four years of college, nothing amuses me more than the attempt to re-label the buildings I lived in as “residence halls.” There is nothing residential about them. Let’s ignore the fact that you can’t have pets. Let’s also remove that […]

It’s a close one

January 12, 2013 Comments

Andy Garrison

Most students probably fail to realize how some of the current happenings in Washington may cause us to take a sucker-punch to the wallet; those issues are sometimes overshadowed by the tug-of-war across the aisle and other issues that target larger publics. One such event was the recent “fiscal cliff” debate. Simply put, this “cliff” […]

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