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Campus Voice Dec. 3

December 3, 2013 Comments

Gilbert Imbiri

What are you looking forward to most about winter break? Ashley Filipelli Going back to Blaine Minnesota to celebrate Christmas with family.   Jordin Bryant I am looking forward to spent time with friends and family and not doing any homework. Jordin Bryant   Tobias Pointer Looking forward to the break we have from classes!! […]

Campus Voice Oct. 3, 2013

October 1, 2013 Comments

Gilbert Imbiri

  What is your favorite Shakespeare play???   Daniel Cole I’m Familiar with several plays, but Romeo and Juliet are the one I know much detail about.                 Donald Pierre Hamlet,I liked it because a lot of people said that Lion King and Hamlet have a very similar […]

Campus Voice Sept. 24. 2013

September 24, 2013 Comments

Gilbert Imbiri

What is your favorite thing about Fall Season? Taylor Diggs I’m excited to go to the park with the cooler weather and get in to the holiday season                 Taylor Enyeart Other than football game, I’m looking forward to drink hot chocolate and Pumpkin latte.       […]

Campus Voice: Sept. 12, 2013

September 10, 2013 Comments

Gilbert Imbiri

New policy allowing alcohol during tailgating?   Roshni Patel I think its a good policy from the campus, because beer and football kind of going together in American society.       Hardik Thaker I am in favor of drinking during tailgating as long as they keep it under control, because i don’t like being in […]

Campus voice

March 4, 2013 Comments

Andy Garrison

Q: If money was no object, what would you do for spring-break? Jerrica Brown – Senior A: Oh my God I would go to Paris! Taylor McDaniel – Freshman A: I think I would go on a tour of South America. Taylor Mathias – Freshman A: I would go to Disney Land and meet Eeyore. Matt […]

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