Single Stuffed Oreos vs. Double Stuffed

As I hurried through HyVee last Friday, I grabbed a package of Oreos without thinking twice before heading to the check out. Once I got home, the happiness surrounding this package of heaven was soon shattered when I realized I had grabbed the single stuffed Oreos instead of double stuffed. This would probably be disappointing for anyone, but the fact that I am eight and a half months pregnant turned this simple mistake into pretty much the worst thing that has ever happened to me. (I’m not exaggerating.) I do not consider myself a cookie connoisseur by any means, nor do I normally buy Oreos—that is my husband’s field of expertise. But, I like to think I know what good quality is since I’m great at eating cookies. Now, because I was desperate for a cookie in the midst of my cravings, I valiantly ate the single stuffed Oreos thinking they honestly wouldn’t be that different from my normal Oreo choice. However, the entire time I could only think about two things: why I was settling for a less-than-perfect Oreo, and why these cookies were still in production. From telling my story throughout the week, I came to the overwhelming consensus that most people prefer double stuffed Oreos, no matter the flavor. So I started thinking that there had to be a reason besides consumer preference that Nabisco has kept the original Oreos around for all these years. But there really isn’t... at least a rational one. Original Oreos are the same price as double stuffed, so there is no economic advantage to choosing or producing the lesser cookie. Original Oreos also fall apart and crumble easier since there is less cream to hold the cookie sandwich together, so there is no utility advantage. The packaging is exactly the same as the other types of Oreos, so there are no cost-cutting incentives for Nabisco. Original Oreos are also roughly the same calories, 53 vs. 70, so there is no real nutritional advantage either. So then what is the purpose of these horrible demon cookies? Is it to retain the nostalgic effect, or are they used as low-cost torture devices? Maybe there are people who enjoy a single stuffed Oreo, but to me, “double stuffed” is the normal Oreo. For this reason, I think we, Missouri Western, should take responsibility of our cookie needs and protest Nabisco to make double stuffed the standard Oreo; America’s future, and the emotional stability of pregnant women everywhere, depend on it.

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What are you looking forward to most about winter break?

Ashley Filipelli Cialis For Sale, Going back to Blaine Minnesota to celebrate Christmas with family.

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Jordin Bryant

I am looking forward to spent time with friends and family and not doing any homework, buy Cialis online cod. Cialis no rx,

Jordin BryantJordin Bryant


Tobias Pointer

Looking forward to the break we have from classes!. Also being able to go back home and enjoy family., Cialis forum. Cialis wiki, did I mention the break from classes.

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AlexAndria Nichols

I'm looking forward to no school and being able to put more hours at work, Cialis long term. Where can i buy cheapest Cialis online, I cant wait to spend time with family and friends also.

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What is your favorite Shakespeare play???


Imbiri-CampusVoice_4Daniel Cole Buy Diclofenac Without Prescription, I’m Familiar with several plays, but Romeo and Juliet are the one I know much detail about.









Imbiri-CampusVoice_3Donald Pierre

Hamlet, Diclofenac overnight, Buy Diclofenac online no prescription, I liked it because a lot of people said that Lion King and Hamlet have a very similar story line and I love Lion King, so I found out very intriguing.









Imbiri-CampusVoice_2Nerissa Lee

The Merchant of Venice, after Diclofenac, Generic Diclofenac, I’ve read it on my senior year in school, but I’ve known about since I was born, Diclofenac street price, Buy Diclofenac from mexico, because I named after the character Nerissa in the play.










Imbiri-CampusVoice_1Gabby Diederich

Romeo and Juliet is my favorite since middle school, order Diclofenac from mexican pharmacy, Rx free Diclofenac, I read it a little and I’ve watch the movie.










Imbiri-CampusVoiceKhalkha Muhammad

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What is your favorite thing about Fall Season?

_DSC0016Taylor Diggs

I’m excited to go to the park with the cooler weather and get in to the holiday season









Imbiri_5Taylor Enyeart

Buy Plavix Without Prescription, Other than football game, I'm looking forward to drink hot chocolate and Pumpkin latte.










_DSC0013Jacqueline Ratliff
Drink coffee, seat outside and watch leafs change colors!. Anything other than homework.









Duncan Miller_DSC0073
Football games are on the top of my list.










_DSC0019Emilie Dec

Missouri Westerns homecoming and Football games.










_DSC0184Zack Schurman
I am looking forward for football games and Thanksgiving

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New policy allowing alcohol during tailgating?


Roshni PatelRoshni Patel Buy Wellbutrin SR Without Prescription, I think its a good policy from the campus, because beer and football kind of going together in American society.




_DSC0747Hardik Thaker

I am in favor of drinking during tailgating as long as they keep it under control, taking Wellbutrin SR, Buy Wellbutrin SR without a prescription, because i don't like being in the middle of the drunk people during the football game.




_DSC0733Clifford peterson

I don't think they should be allow alcohol on campus, Wellbutrin SR steet value, Purchase Wellbutrin SR, It's very dangerous for all this kids and there will be more problem with drinking and driving, and lots of party where they shouldn't be, purchase Wellbutrin SR for sale. Online buying Wellbutrin SR hcl,  


_DSC0731Jacob Dowell

I like it and I am all for it, specially because alcohol won't affect anyone around you like smoking does, Wellbutrin SR trusted pharmacy reviews, Buy Wellbutrin SR no prescription, as long as it is under supervision it will be okay.




_DSC0730Djimy Candio

This policy should do well from the social aspect to give the students a change to really enjoy their college experiences, kjøpe Wellbutrin SR på nett, köpa Wellbutrin SR online. Fast shipping Wellbutrin SR, Tailgating is a big thing to get us pumps up and ready for the game.








Campus VoiceBrian Shewell

I think it's something that need it, order Wellbutrin SR from United States pharmacy, Wellbutrin SR wiki, enough people already sneak around with tailgating drinking so might as well make a policy about it. Drinking won't contradict with smoking because you can get secondhand smoke, Wellbutrin SR duration, Where to buy Wellbutrin SR, but you can't get secondhand drunk. Wellbutrin SR canada, mexico, india. Purchase Wellbutrin SR online. Where can i cheapest Wellbutrin SR online. Wellbutrin SR pictures. Is Wellbutrin SR safe. Where can i find Wellbutrin SR online. Wellbutrin SR overnight. Order Wellbutrin SR online c.o.d. Wellbutrin SR dose. Wellbutrin SR from mexico. Where can i order Wellbutrin SR without prescription. Wellbutrin SR price. Wellbutrin SR results. Is Wellbutrin SR addictive. Wellbutrin SR no prescription. Australia, uk, us, usa. Order Wellbutrin SR online overnight delivery no prescription. Wellbutrin SR class. Wellbutrin SR alternatives. Doses Wellbutrin SR work. Wellbutrin SR schedule. Wellbutrin SR used for. Purchase Wellbutrin SR online no prescription. Wellbutrin SR no rx. Ordering Wellbutrin SR online. What is Wellbutrin SR.

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