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The Voice Opinion Piece

November 20, 2015 No Comments

Jessie Johnson

Missouri Westerns The Voice is a competition that brings out some of the best singers on campus so why is it that the best singers don’t stand a chance at winning? For the past three years the judges have coddled and babied the contestants telling them what a good job they did and how their […]

Student-athlete privilege: The right to be seen and not heard

November 10, 2015 No Comments

Jon Dykstra

Nothing good ever comes from reading the comment section. Best case scenario, you kill an hour arguing with a stranger about a topic that neither of you is probably qualified to discuss. Worst case, you see an opinion that you can’t believe someone can really have and it eats at you all day, or for […]

The most incompetent office

September 29, 2015 No Comments

Jessica Kopp

As some readers may know, I am an international student. And while Western President Dr. Robert Vartabedian has successfully made efforts to increase the numbers of international students on campus, there is one aspect where the university is lacking: the International Student Services. Last fall, my first semester at Western, Amy Kotwani was the director […]

Why I stand with Planned Parenthood

September 21, 2015 No Comments

Sydnie Holzfaster

In the recent house decision, the bill to defund the health clinic Planned Parenthood passed with an unsettling 240-185 vote. If the bill goes into effect, the health centers will be stripped of several million dollars in funding and leave many women and families without adequate healthcare. Personally, this makes me worry about the future […]

Convocation: Contradicting, disorganized and pointless

September 16, 2015 No Comments

Brent Rosenauer

Convocation was a disappointment. I’m not saying this out of anti-conservative anger or a “down with the institution” mentality. I’m saying this as an open-minded college student who attended what should have been an event that questioned my ideals and inspired me to act. It did not. Contradictions  Ridge criticized Obama’s recent nuclear deal with […]

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