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Choose to be happy

October 24, 2014 Comments

Daniel Cobb

As part of the newspaper production class, we are required to write letters to our class advisor, Bob Bergland. I recently uncovered some of these letters of mine, dating back to the beginning of 2013 when I first started writing for the paper as a staff writer. I unfortunately wasn’t prepared for what my past […]

Body fluid fingerpainting

October 20, 2014 Comments

Andy Garrison

Western was kind enough to give us a new computer/MAC lab in Eder 219 this semester. My question is, if they scheduled classes in this new “lab” almost every block of time each day, what the hell was the point? Professors, so far anyway, are telling students that there is no way they should be […]

Nothing nice to say? Don’t say it

October 20, 2014 Comments

Mika Cummins

Everyone at one point or another has had something mean said or written about them. In the age of cyber bullying, it seems that every time you turn your back, there’s a new way to anonymously be rude to someone via the Internet. It’s gone from chatrooms and IMs to Facebook accounts dedicated to “confessions.” […]

Love isn’t supposed to hurt

October 9, 2014 Comments

Mika Cummins

When you think about domestic violence, plenty of images can flood your mind. A battered Rhianna after a fight with Chris Brown or Ray Rice dragging his unconscious fiancee out of an elevator. Those are just the instances that stick out in the media over recent years. Recently, two events focusing on domestic violence have […]

American drivers are giving me anxiety

October 9, 2014 Comments

Jessica Kopp

America, land of the free – free of a traffic code, apparently. Granted, I’m German and I knew I couldn’t expect the same affinity for rules as back home in my dear land of beer and pretzels. The reality still came as a shock. Not only do people lack any respect for crosswalks whatsoever (in […]

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