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Saint Louis U. United Students Against Sweatshops bare all — almost

January 9, 2007 Comments


By Leah Lavelle ST. LOUIS – “We’d Rather Be Naked Than Wear Sweatshop Clothing,” was the message presented in a publicity photo shoot held Tuesday by United Students Against Sweatshops. Krispie Kreme donuts and music with a beat set the scene as 26 students gathered — wearing shorts, tank tops and underwear but baring their […]

New services make cell phone use even easier

January 9, 2007 Comments


By Alyssa Deanna GENESEO, N.Y. – There was a point when watching someone snap a picture with his or her cell phone left bystanders wide-eyed and agog. Times have changed, and the consumer market is getting pickier. Cell phones double as camcorders, Palm Pilots, personal navigators, and mp3 players. They provide users with convenience, entertainment, […]

Western student makes the best out of disability

January 9, 2007 Comments

Kraig Keesaman

Junior Jay Claywell doesn’t sell himself short; balances school and family Jay Claywell is late for class. He makes his way to the Murphy building and enters the door. He stops, terrified at the water that has collected on the slick tile floor from students who have tracked it in. He knows that he must […]

Western takes it outside for spring semester

December 5, 2006 Comments

Jill Muir

Students who participated in Missouri Western’s Outdoor Semester 2006 participated in “The Rivers of Our Experience” on Nov. 30, a presentation showcasing the Outdoor Semester program and the unique experience the group shared. The ten students displayed books, objects and artifacts they collected and equipment they used in the field, presented a slideshow of their […]

Energy drinks, alcohol equals unhealthy combination

November 14, 2006 Comments


By Jennifer Hoffman PITTSBURGH – It’s safe to mix alcohol and energy drinks right? Wrong. Mixing caffeinated energy drinks like Red Bull and Full Throttle with alcohol puts unnecessary stress on the body, dehydrating it and “pulling your brain and your central nervous system in two different directions,” Joe Mull, substance abuse prevention specialist from […]