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Katy Sisco wins election, will be SGA’s next President

April 12, 2013 Comments

Matthew Hunt

It’s not even the end of the school year, and the newly elected President of Student Government Association is already working on issues for next school year. President-elect Katy Sisco and Vice President-elect Dillon Williams were elected to SGA. Sisco and Williams received 268 votes, compared to presidential candidate Mary Beth Rosenauer and Derek Thompson, […]

SGA hopes for administration approval for parking improvements

March 23, 2013 Comments

Albert Shelby

SGA has voiced the idea of extending and improving parking for students to administration. A proposal has not been made yet but members of SGA are hoping that administration will make a decision soon. SGA Senator Travis Hart believes that once they get a sure answer from the administration, the process of proposing extended parking […]

Sisco has fresh ideas for SGA

March 4, 2013 Comments

Katelyn Canon

Involvement and accountability are what Student Government Association presidential candidate Katy Sisco and executive vice president candidate Dillon Williams hope to bring to SGA. [caption id="attachment_16709" align="alignleft" width="150"] Katy Sisco introduces herself to the audience at the SGA presidential debates. Dave Hon | Senior Editor[/caption] Sisco and Williams, both residential assistants, have no prior experience […]

Rosenauer plans to take on MWSU administration if elected

March 3, 2013 Comments

Matthew Hunt

“Student Voice, Student Power” is the slogan for one team in this year’s SGA Presidential election. [caption id="attachment_16708" align="alignleft" width="150"] Jacob Scott, current SGA president, asks both candidates a question. [/caption] Music Education sophomore Mary Beth Rosenauer has chosen Vocal Music Education junior Derek Thompson as her running mate. Rosenauer has served on the Student […]

Rosenauer, Sisco compete for votes at debate

Rosenauer, Sisco compete for votes at debate

March 2, 2013 Comments

Albert Shelby Attendees of the debate should walk away from Monday’s event further educated on both SGA president candidates. [caption id="attachment_16744" align="alignleft" width="150"] Katy Sisco (left) and Mary Beth Rosenauer (right) debated on Monday night for the SGA Presidential Election. Dave Hon and Brian Duskey[/caption] Katy Sisco and Mary Beth Rosenauer both did what they could […]

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