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SGA covers non-trad issue, possible Esry health fee

September 30, 2010 Comments

Nick McCutcheon

Growing campus concerns on the future of the Non-Traditional Student Center were addressed at the Student Government Association meeting on Sept. 20 as well as debate on a proposed Esry Health Center fee. Vice President of Student Affairs Esther Perález was on hand to clarify details surrounding the retirement of Non-Traditional Student Advisor Ellen Kisker […]

Making Missouri Western smoke-free becomes campus issue

September 17, 2010 Comments

Todd Fuller

If the students at Missouri Western want their campus to become smoke-free then for the time being, they will have to lead the charge to make it happen. In light of the decision at our Maryville neighbor to implement a no-smoking policy campus wide on August 1, several faculty and staff members were asked to […]

Students say no to technology and recycling fee

April 23, 2010 Comments

Todd Fuller

It’s hard to tell what effect the Vote No campaign had on the Technology and Recycling fee, but it was evident by the results that the students didn’t want it. The final tally for the vote was 299 to 309 for a total of 608 votes cast. On the surface, this looks like the fee […]

Students raise concerns about campus smoking

October 15, 2009 Comments

Dave Hon

Students traveling to class on a rainy day may have noticed the congregation of smokers in between Murphy and Eder halls and have either choked to death or joined in under the rain free canopy. Since the majority of Missouri Western students are non-smokers, the Student Government Association is mediating to find a solution to […]

Student governor candidates named

February 13, 2008 Comments

Heather Fields

 Student governor Harold Calloway  selected the three potential successors as his two year term came to a close. Governor Matt Blunt is responsible for making the official appointment after a lengthy selection process. Calloway hopes to have a new student governor by the next Board of Governor’s meeting Feb. 28.  Calloway said that he looked […]

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