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Whats next for the SGA Petition and our 8.2% budget cut?

Whats next for the SGA Petition and our 8.2% budget cut?

September 11, 2011 Comments

Matthew Hunt

[caption id="attachment_5651" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="SGA President Allison Norris talks on the phone while dealing with the day-to-day grind of running an administration. "][/caption]Students at Missouri Western State University are forced to walk a path of misfortune in the aftermath of an 8.2 percent budget cut. Western’s Student Government Association planned a rally on June 22 […]

Western fights 8.2 percent state cut

Western fights 8.2 percent state cut

August 19, 2011 Comments

Dave Hon

 “It’s been one thing after another,” University President Robert Vartabedian said about cuts to Missouri Western’s state appropriations. “But we’re going to get there.” After negotiations over an increase in tuition, the state has lowered the amount of funding it gives Missouri Western by 8.2 percent, the highest cut out of all the Missouri universities. […]

SGA Senate Roster Nearly Full

July 10, 2011 Comments

Ellis Cross

The roster for student senators was nearly filled at the SGA meeting last Monday night. Andrea Vaccaro, Christopher Peterson, and Julie Hodson were voted in office as senators. Nineteen of the twenty senate positions are now filled. President, Alison Norris also announced the appointment of Noah Green as SGA communications director. “Noah was a passionate […]

SGA’s 39th session meets and passes budget

April 18, 2011 Comments

Ellis Cross

President Alison Norris’ inauguration and swearing in was held at 4:00 p.m. on Monday, April 18 and the first meeting of the 39th session of the Student Government Association began its first meeting promptly at five o’clock with special instructions from Vice President Jacob Scott to pass the proposed $450,000, 2011/2012 budget. After a few […]

Smoking Ban Issue is Cooling Off

April 12, 2011 Comments

Ellis Cross

Smokers on Missouri Western State University’s campus may be able to breathe a little easier as the current session of the Student Government Association disbands. Last Monday night was the last meeting of the 38th session of SGA senate. History will record the members of the 38th session as the first to put the campus-wide […]

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