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Western holds classes after storm, despite weather concerns

Western holds classes after storm, despite weather concerns

February 26, 2013 Comments

Eboni Lacey

Missouri Western made questionable calls while handling two severe snow storms that occurred on Thursday, Feb. 21 and Tuesday, Feb. 26. [caption id="attachment_16190" align="alignleft" width="150"] A Barricade blocking the road off on campus news the Beashers dorms was up for the majority of Friday. Tevin Harris | Photo Editor[/caption] Due to Thursday’s storm, nearly every […]

BHM Monterio Seewood

BHM Monterio Seewood

February 24, 2013 Comments

Jason Ruckman

Black History Month is known for paying tribute to those who have affected our lives in the past, but we must also recognize those, such as student senator Monterio Seewood, who play a role in our lives now and in the future. Seewood, a member of the student senate, became a senator at Missouri Western […]

Student-athletes strive for academic success

February 23, 2013 Comments

Andy Garrison

There is a trend at many universities that shows that, counter to what some may think, student-athletes maintain a higher average GPA than regular students do. The most important things that seem to facilitate athletes’ high grades are structure, time-management, drive and a very strong support network. Head coach of baseball at Western, Buzz Verduzco, […]

Western’s first Running Club

February 22, 2013 Comments

Jason Ruckman

At Western, there are a lot of clubs and organizations. One category had yet to be filled though, so Kristin Hall and Morgan Goodrick made it happen. The newly chartered running club here at Western is looking to get the ball rolling and hit the ground running as they approach their first meeting February 27. […]

Employers on and off campus looking for students

February 21, 2013 Comments

Daniel Cobb

Students and faculty are emphasizing the importance of student employment on and off campus. Students across campus are finding that being employed by Missouri Western is definitely worth looking into. “Working on campus is incredibly convenient,” Brendan Welch, english workshop leader said.  “If you have some time between classes, it’s nice to make a bit […]