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Survey: Employers study applicant resumes for lies

October 31, 2006 Comments


By Caitlin Bauer That little white lie on your resume could cost you the job. Even though only 5 percent of job candidates admitted to stretching the truth on their resumes, 57 percent of hiring managers said they have caught a lie on a candidate’s resume, according to a survey conducted by The June […]

Duke researchers unveil invisibility cloak prototype

October 24, 2006 Comments


By Carolina Astigarraga DURHAM, N.C. – So, if you’re not magician Harry Houdini, how hard is it to make something disappear? Not as hard as Duke researchers thought. Science Express published a report Thursday recording a successful test of the first invisibility cloak — a year before it was supposed to work. The experimental data […]

The job growth myth: numbers fall short this year

October 17, 2006 Comments

Brad Jones

Sophomore Mary Stone has been having trouble finding suitable employment in St. Joseph. “I’ve been looking for a new job for a few months, and I can’t find one that pays enough,” Stone said. Stone is not alone. Economists estimate that the country needs to add at least 150,000 jobs a month just to keep […]

Christians counter anti-gay rally at U. Maryland

October 17, 2006 Comments


By Kevin Rector  COLLEGE PARK, Md. – About 25 Christian students Thursday took turns confessing their sins on Nyumburu Cultural Center’s amphitheater stage to counter the message three evangelical Christian preachers espoused on the same stage Tuesday — that “real Christians don’t sin.” “One by one, we are going to come up [on stage], say […]

Lower gas prices won’t last

October 10, 2006 Comments

Associated Press

by E. Ashley Wright DAVIS, Calif. – Although consumers may be pleased with the price breaks they have recently received at the gas pumps, oil-consumption experts warn that the long-term effects of depletion may result in higher prices in the near future. Several explanations for the lower prices, down $0.077 per gallon since last week […]

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