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Economics professor talks healthcare sustainability

March 26, 2014 Comments

Andy Garrison

Economics Professor Reza Hamzaee talks about Obamacare and it’s long term affects. This is a recent interview with Hamzaee that discusses if Obamacare is economically feasible and what we can expect moving forward.

The Country We Were, the Country We Are

December 1, 2013 Comments

Jason Ruckman

Fifty years ago, this past November 22nd, President Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas. Thirty minutes after being shot the president was announced dead; a nation went into mourning.Film shows groups of people huddled around a car radio and the gasp of disbelief and heartbreak of our citizens. Now, fifty years later, we may ask […]

Government shut down, future federal aid uncertain

Government shut down, future federal aid uncertain

October 6, 2013 Comments

Andy Garrison

Most students are not feeling the weight of the government shutdown directly, however, a select few at Western — as well as some faculty — are feeling it directly. Those students who were selected for verification that have already completed their forms do not need to worry, but, those who waited may face an obstacle. […]

Minority enrollment has increased over the past 5 years

February 21, 2013 Comments

Matthew Hunt

Western’s campus has seen an increase among minorities over the past five years. In the spring of 2009, Western stood at 17.7 percent minority rate among students on campus. That number has since increased 2.1 percent which has Western’s minority students at 19.8 percent in spring 2013. The Asian student number at Western in 2012 […]

Professors voice their concerns over guns in schools

January 30, 2013 Comments

Matthew Hunt

Discussions about a Missouri House Bill have left university faculty with concerns. HB 70 would give faculty the right to conceal and carry guns on campus during school hours. Western’s faculty have voiced their opinion on whether they agree with the message the bill is trying to portray. Dr. Robert Vartabedian, president of Missouri Western […]

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