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Scanlon leaves behind legacy

April 23, 2008 Comments

Lisa Crawford

 President James Scanlon said life is full of questions or mysteries that one is drawn to find a solution for.  After seven years of service at Western, Scanlon plans to retire to the east coast with the intent to write his own multiple mystery novels. Starting June 30, Scanlon plans to move to North Carolina […]

Griffon alert system plans announced

April 9, 2008 Comments

Emily Gummelt

In order to better notify the campus community in the event of a crisis, Western recently implemented a new emergency notification system called Griffon Alert, which is comprised of a text mes­saging feature. Chief of Police Jon Kelley said The Governors task force on campus safety suggested the creation of a fail safe system to […]

Faculty evaluation time approaching

April 9, 2008 Comments

Ellis Cross

The day is about to come when a different professor shows up at the front of the class to officiate over the instructor’s evaluation. “Students don’t take faculty evaluations seriously,”Western junior Stephanie Willett said. “Either they are mad at an instructor and wish to take out their frustrations in the evaluation or they are happy […]

Western recieves less than average per student

April 9, 2008 Comments

Gerri Tracy

The state gives Missouri Western $641 per student less than the state average, costing the university over $2 million a year. The proposed 5.2 percent budget increase for Western’s next fiscal year will only slightly offset the equity deficiency. The offset, however small, is because Western’s increase is higher than the average state increase of […]

Faculty evaluations to become public

April 2, 2008 Comments

Ellis Cross

Students will soon be able to view faculty evaluations of any Missouri college or university on each campus’ Web site. The Missouri General Assembly passed Senate Bill 389 with an effective date of August ‘07, which requires all institutions of higher education to include faculty names, credentials and student ratings on their Web sites. Missouri […]