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Diverse Clubs Allow Students to Achieve a different perception

February 5, 2010 No Comments

Michelle Allen

Many students on campus are under the impression that Missouri Western doesn’t have any clubs of interest, and that there’s nothing worthy to do on campus. After consuming their days with Facebook, Twitter, and homework, what else could there possibly be to do? The problem may not be that these clubs don’t exist, but that […]

Dark Stripping secrets revealed

January 20, 2010 4 Comments

Daniel Donan

I love strippers. The whole concept is wonderful. When I think about the low lights and the bumping bass and constant motion of a strip club I smile. Maybe it is just because I am a guy but the idea of a dozen or so women in various states of undress writhing and grinding in […]

24 Years of Celebrating The Man That Changed The World

January 20, 2010 No Comments

Eboni Lacey

In 1955, a special bus boycott was held for 382 days. This bus boycott was known as the first African American non-violent demonstration. After this event, the Supreme Court ruled the laws of segregated buses as unconstitutional. This event was led by none other than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a non-violent activist who led […]

New Year’s Resolutions that last all year

January 20, 2010 No Comments

Hannah Strasser

January 1, 12:01 AM: Millions of Americans are making vows to their selves to not eat chocolate, lose 15 lbs, don’t cut class, stop shopping, etc. Flash forward three weeks later and chocolate’s been eaten, pounds have been gained, class has been cut, and we all know there’s been shopping. New Year’s Resolutions are a […]

Step back in time at Magoon’s

December 3, 2009 No Comments

Ryan Scroggins

The stresses of finals week and the holidays can leave some students with a case of the blues. Magoon’s Famous Delicatessen has unique décor, live music, great food and a full bar that will help take the December blues away. Located a bit off the beating path in downtown St. Joseph, Magoon’s is one of […]