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Western ID accesses keys to success

September 29, 2008 Comments

Alison Norris

College is filled with homework, big essays, and late nights studying for exams. College students have to make food choices, develop study habits and make life style judgments. Though all of these new decisions may seem overwhelming for some students; there are many services offered at Missouri Western that can help students with their dilemmas. […]

Crossing the finish line with a child in tow

April 23, 2008 Comments

Karyn Daugherty

Vanessa Magruder wakes up early every morning, showers, dresses and eats before she leaves her home for campus just like any other student at Western. Her morning stop on the way to school isn’t Burger King for a croissant, it’s Wilson Hall. Where she drops off her three-year-old son, Cole, at Y’s Kids World, a […]

Y’s Kids World too big for its britches

April 22, 2008 Comments

Karyn Daugherty

At one point or another everyone has driven the circle of Downs Drive and seen the climbing structure located outside Wilson Hall. The jungle gym is not for the ARMY ROTC students to practice their warfare tactics. For 31 lucky parents, it is part of their child’s home away from home Monday through Friday from […]

Yung Joc, Ross headline concert

April 2, 2008 Comments

Charlene Divino

The Western Activities Council has verified “It’s goin’ down” like “in the club” at the Civic Arena for Missouri Western’s annual Spring Concert. The WAC sponsored event is scheduled for April 10 and will feature rap performers Rick Ross and Yung Joc. The announcement came officially March 26 through the public relations department a week […]

Andrew W.K. brings ‘happenings’ to Western

March 26, 2008 Comments

Ryan Richardson

Since his major label debut in 2001, Andrew W.K. has made a song-writing career from a party hard attitude that stems from a personal ethos rather than excess. During the downtime between tours, he has been working on a new kind of performance that he has labeled ‘happenings’. Part spoken word, part motivational, but all […]