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Yung Joc, Ross headline concert

April 2, 2008 Comments

Charlene Divino

The Western Activities Council has verified “It’s goin’ down” like “in the club” at the Civic Arena for Missouri Western’s annual Spring Concert. The WAC sponsored event is scheduled for April 10 and will feature rap performers Rick Ross and Yung Joc. The announcement came officially March 26 through the public relations department a week […]

Andrew W.K. brings ‘happenings’ to Western

March 26, 2008 Comments

Ryan Richardson

Since his major label debut in 2001, Andrew W.K. has made a song-writing career from a party hard attitude that stems from a personal ethos rather than excess. During the downtime between tours, he has been working on a new kind of performance that he has labeled ‘happenings’. Part spoken word, part motivational, but all […]

New-style a cappella group entertains students

March 26, 2008 Comments

Zane Callister

For the members of Inpulse, a traveling a cappella group, getting real jobs after college was out of the question. Little did they know that dodging “real life” would soon turn into a really awesome opportunity. Inpulse is made up of four gentlemen, three who are singers and one beat-boxer. Gabe Koxlien, Steve Howe, Matt […]

WayStation: local and organic

March 26, 2008 Comments

Jerrod Huber

The WayStation, a local band, have played together both in St. Joseph and the area, since 1999. There is a lot of different music out there, but it all gets filtered, formed, and shaped into the same old song and dance. If you truly want to hear something different, take a ride on the psychedelic […]

Vanities takes a look at the evolution of female friendships

February 27, 2008 Comments

Zane Callister

Finding who you are through acting like someone else sounds strange, and well it is. Think about what your senior year of high school was like. If you can, think about what graduating college is going to be like. Where do you see yourself at thirty? Vanities, an Alpha Psi Omega production, is about all […]