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How to make: Disgustingly delicious creepy treats

October 29, 2009 Comments

Alison Norris

According to, Halloween can be traced back to the ancient Celtics in Ireland where they believed on the night of Oct. 31, the ghosts and goblins returned to earth to make mischief. This superstition is where “trick- -or- treat” originated and, why today on Halloween, people give treats and candy during Halloween. The Celtics […]

Things to do to make you go boo

October 29, 2009 Comments

Eboni Lacey

As college students, it’s relatively hard to get scared. We’ve seen it all right? From stupid high school Halloween parties to those miniature haunted houses that we used to all love, there is nothing out there for college adults to truly get scared and into the Halloween Spirit. Well, maybe you should think again! According […]

ANT and Shlessinger entertain crowd

October 22, 2009 Comments

Matthew Fowler

Comedians ANT and Iliza Shlessinger pushed comedy boundaries last Saturday night at WAC’s homecoming comedy show. ANT has been on several national shows including Last Comic Standing, VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club and the Tyra Banks Show. Senior Missouri Western student Nick Ford liked the show. [caption id="attachment_2293" align="alignright" width="289" caption="Photo | Mathew Fowler"][/caption] ANT talked […]

How To: Be a Missouri Western Fan

October 22, 2009 Comments

Ryan Scroggins

Without the sports fan, the face of sports as we know it would change. Fan based industry including memorabilia, concessions, television and tickets allow for the success of the sports worldwide. Unfortunately, today’s sports fans can also affect the events we have grown to love in negative ways. Improper conduct from fans at live sporting […]

With changing leaves fall fashion begins

October 15, 2009 Comments

Hannah Strasser

This fall is all about taking risks with your fashion choices by branching out and trying new styles and colors. Long sweaters with leggings are one fashion idea that’s returning this year. Big cardigans in bright colors and darker leggings look good for every shape. Fun colors and crazy prints only make this style better. […]