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WayStation: local and organic

March 26, 2008 Comments

Jerrod Huber

The WayStation, a local band, have played together both in St. Joseph and the area, since 1999. There is a lot of different music out there, but it all gets filtered, formed, and shaped into the same old song and dance. If you truly want to hear something different, take a ride on the psychedelic […]

Vanities takes a look at the evolution of female friendships

February 27, 2008 Comments

Zane Callister

Finding who you are through acting like someone else sounds strange, and well it is. Think about what your senior year of high school was like. If you can, think about what graduating college is going to be like. Where do you see yourself at thirty? Vanities, an Alpha Psi Omega production, is about all […]

Local band raises ‘80s from the dead

February 27, 2008 Comments

Ryan Richardson

Blue Oyster Culture Club resurrects hair metal, pop Mullets have nearly disappeared from Joetown. Acid-wash jeans have been relegated to the darkest parts of an aging heavy metal drummer’s closet. The 80s are finally dead, long live the 80s. But if you closed your eyes as you walked into the Rendezvous Saturday night, you would […]

After 35 years of dedication, Leahy prepares to retire

February 20, 2008 Comments

Jared Herrin

At the age of 21, fresh out of school, Leahy applied for and obtained the position that he has maintained to the age of 57. Now, after 35 years of nights and weekends at Western, Leahy has decided to retire which becomes official on Feb. 29. In November of 1972  Coordinator of Technical Operations and […]

Java City brews up an inviting sanctuary

February 20, 2008 Comments

Charlene Divino

Coffee is a college student mainstay and with the conveniently located Java City coffee house in Warren E. Hearns Center library building, student’s daily fix can be easily obtained. Missouri Western’s campus dining services company, Aramark, opened the stand three years ago in response to student input and in conjunction with the library’s long range […]