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‘J.B.’ begins ‘Year of the Tony’

October 5, 2012 Comments

Katelyn Canon

“The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away,” resonated throughout Potter Hall Theatre as the cast of “J.B.” took to the stage opening night. The theater department chose to start the Year of the Tony with an intense drama. An adaptation of the book of Job, J.B. examines the relationship between the protagonist’s faith and […]

‘J.B.’ to tug at heartstrings

October 3, 2012 Comments

Blair Stalder

The circus is coming to town. And by town, I mean Potter Theatre. Both directors Tee Quillin and Dallas Henry decided this upcoming year’s theme for theater would be “A Year of the Tony.” The two theater and cinema professors pulled up a list of shows that had won a Tony Award and chose which […]

There’s a ‘Kill Shot’ in St. Joseph

October 2, 2012 Comments

Andy Garrison

English instructor Dana Andrews is known for his strong liberal stance, a great passion for literature, and his sprinklings of an F-bomb or two into conversations for effect; and when it comes to his hobby of racquetball, he comes to play. In addition to writing novels, and having been an accomplished screenwriter in Los Angeles, […]

Say hello to ‘Hello Daybreak’

Say hello to ‘Hello Daybreak’

October 1, 2012 Comments

Andy Garrison

[caption id="attachment_12389" align="alignnone" width="300"] Hello Daybreak is a group of five young adults who come from different backgrounds to bring Christian music to crowds around the state.[/caption] In a world of music with, at times, depressing overtones and lyrics, one band, led by a Missouri Western student, is trying to make a difference. Reagan Barnett, who […]

How to: Use quick key commands

September 26, 2012 Comments

Eboni Lacey

Every day, our fingertips go on an amazing adventure to the magical land of keys. Don’t believe me? Just look underneath your computer screen. Every time we write an email, paper, article or blog our fingers move like speed demons around large square mountains stamped with numbers and letters.  And even though there are 104 […]