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‘Apollo 18′ launches failure

March 7, 2012 Comments

Christian Mengel

“Apollo 18” failed to capture the fear and horror that similar movies were able to create. The story goes that the last recorded time we sent anyone to the moon was in 1972. In 2011, footage of a shuttle sent in 1974 just happened to show up out of nowhere. As incredibly unbelievable as this is, […]

Student makeup artist headed in the right direction

Student makeup artist headed in the right direction

March 5, 2012 Comments

Brian Duskey

After seeing the prominent eyebrows and dazzling mascara that blend around her vibrant eyes,  it is pretty easy to understand why Meghan Vandever is a makeup artist. “Whether it’s for beauty or special effects, I just love the process of having a vision of what I want, and making it come to life,” said Vandever, […]

College romances: Finding a way to make it work

February 27, 2012 Comments

Brian Duskey

It’s that time of year that lovers relish and singles despise. Valentine’s Day may not be for another week, but the anticipation is forced down students’ throats, along with school work. That’s exactly the dilemma that students and husband and wife Brittany & Josh Comninellis deal with. Being a student and being in a relationship […]

Writers Circle helps improve creativity

February 24, 2012 Comments

Blair Stalder

Colorful compliments and helpful criticism echo in Eder 211 after students read the short stories and poems they have been working hard on aloud. English professor and leader of Writers Circle, Dana Andrews, throws out “That’s good shit, man,” and “You can’t teach that” to his “veterans” that have been with the group for semesters. […]

Nicholas Brothers takes a stand

February 23, 2012 Comments

Christian Mengel

“Always low prices.” That was what one Christmas gift card said referring to Walmart, but the only thing out of the ordinary was the picture of a sweatshop as the background. This card was given to Dr. Jonathan Euchner, a political science professor at Missouri Western. One of his political science students – Nicholas Brothers – gave him […]