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How to: Make a bat suit

October 29, 2014 Comments

Nick Ingram

This is the costume that we deserve and the one that everyone needs for this Halloween. Two years ago I created my first Dark Knight inspired bat suit for Halloween and is possibly my favorite suit I have made. The best part was that the materials used were relatively cheap and easy to find. If […]

An Amazing Turnout

October 24, 2014 Comments

Mason Marshall

Missouri Western’s Homecoming theme this year is “Griffons around the World,” and one of the most popular around-the-world TV shows is “The Amazing Race.” On Monday, October 20, Missouri Western organizations participated in the Amazing Race around campus. Each organization had five participants representing them. They had to complete different tasks in some of the […]

Getting Natural with Art

October 20, 2014 Comments

Mason Marshall

Art can be made of almost anything and in the 3D design class offered in Missouri Western’s art program, students are learning just that. Neil Lawley teaches Art 170 and has given his students an assignment to build primitive structures out of natural materials in the woods of Missouri Western. “The class can be boiled […]

Super Smash Bros. 3DS Review

October 20, 2014 Comments

Mason Marshall

Everyone who enjoys video games has a favorite character in their favorite video game, and Super Smash Bros. brings the favorites from Nintendo to battle, handheld style. On Oct 3, everyone got the chance to purchase and experience Super Smash Bros on the 3ds for the first time. The game can start slow, as the […]


October 20, 2014 Comments

Andy Garrison

                On the digital front-lines there is a war being waged. On one side sits Mac, smooth with graphics programs and video editing as well as being very intuitive. On the other side, PC with its superior gaming abilities and unparalleled upgradeability glares across the now well-established battle […]

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