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A Transcending Vision

September 30, 2013 Comments

Jason Ruckman

Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream comes to Missouri Western as this season’s first production, directed by professor Dallas Henry. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the comical story of lovers and a group of amateur actors, all controlled by fairies within the forest that the play is set. Being one of Shakespeare’s favorite plays, along with […]

Grand Theft Auto V Review

September 28, 2013 Comments

Daniel Cobb

Regardless of whether or not you do in fact play video games, you’ve most likely heard of Grand Theft Auto.  The franchise originally gained critical acclaim on the PlayStation 2 with titles such as Vice City and San Andreas.  Spawning numerous controversies over its incredibly violent and inappropriate nature, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has […]

High Impact: Alumni strives to make a difference

High Impact: Alumni strives to make a difference

September 25, 2013 Comments

Nicholas Ingram

  The Benton High School band program in the South Side of St. Joseph is in good hands with its current Director, Jeff Siasoco. He is a Missouri Western graduate that majored in music education and always thought that teaching was what he should do. “I decided to teach because I thought I would be […]

Mid-Autumn festival celebrates Chinese culture

September 24, 2013 Comments

Brian Duskey

Just because something is foreign doesn’t mean it needs to be ignored. Whether it’s your homeland or across the globe, culture is always relevant. Mid-Autumn’s Day is one of the biggest cultural events for the Chinese and the popular festival was celebrated this past week at Western in the Blum Union. The day itself celebrates […]

“Modern Streets of Ancient Empire” offers a glimpse of China

“Modern Streets of Ancient Empire” offers a glimpse of China

September 23, 2013 Comments

Jason Ruckman

Missouri Western gets a taste of Chinese culture with this month’s photography exhibit in Potter Hall. Angie Jennings, a photographer out of Kansas City, has teamed up with Geo Sipp to showcase her exhibit, Modern Streets of Ancient Empire, to our campus from Sept. 4 until Oct. 3. The exhibit includes photographs taken by Jennings […]

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