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Buy Macrobid Without Prescription, Sex Signals, a rape prevention presentation, is coming to Missouri Western’s Spratt Hall on Sept. Macrobid without prescription, 24.
Sex Signals is put on by Catharsis Promotions, about Macrobid, Order Macrobid online overnight delivery no prescription, who specializes in speaking to college students, military members, Macrobid without a prescription, Macrobid brand name, and educators on myths about rape, what a consensual relationship really is, Macrobid cost, Is Macrobid addictive, and explaining some preconceived ideas about the offender and the victims roles using strategic comedy to draw in those who find it to be an awkward topic.
“We use comedy in the show to draw audience’s attention to messages that often challenge their world views, Macrobid for sale, Is Macrobid safe, ” Brian Golden, the literary manager at Catharsis Productions, Macrobid from canada, Macrobid forum, said. “We make the discussion of challenging issues, discount Macrobid, Macrobid photos, like sexual violence, more accessible to audiences that may be reluctant to engage.”
With well-placed comedy and dialogue, Macrobid wiki, Macrobid interactions, the presentation, along with audience interaction, purchase Macrobid for sale, Comprar en línea Macrobid, comprar Macrobid baratos, is able to give viewers a new perspective on sexual abuse, what to do about it, order Macrobid no prescription, Order Macrobid online c.o.d, and how to stop it.

Sex Signals is presented in a two person semi-improvised skit that travels the United States all throughout the year, Buy Macrobid Without Prescription. Rape, Macrobid steet value, Macrobid images, sexual assault, and sexual abuse are difficult and uncomfortable topics for most of us, Macrobid description. Macrobid natural, But this presentation has proven throughout the years that the issues at hand can be tackled in a comfortable atmosphere, and still get their message across to viewers, buying Macrobid online over the counter. Buy no prescription Macrobid online, Sex Signals has traveled through all 50 states and around the globe, proudly spreading its message over four continents, Macrobid reviews. Get Macrobid, Sex Signals not only visits schools, but is also designed to present to other audiences, order Macrobid from United States pharmacy, Where can i cheapest Macrobid online, such as members of the military, just having each particular presentation vary in its structure, Macrobid pharmacy. Buy Macrobid Without Prescription, “There are over a dozen nuanced versions of Sex Signals that are tailored to fit the needs and experiences of specific audiences. Buy cheap Macrobid, While the skeleton script, which underlies the program, buy Macrobid without prescription, Macrobid dose, remains consistent, script elements depicting examples of socially normalized dating, online buying Macrobid, Kjøpe Macrobid på nett, köpa Macrobid online, prescriptive gender stereotypes, hook-up culture and predatory behavior are all adapted to match the experiences of each particular audience, cheap Macrobid, Order Macrobid from mexican pharmacy, ” Golden said.
Catharsis Productions has its presenters travel throughout the year trying to reach out to as many people as possible with several two-person shows traveling simultaneously, rx free Macrobid. Macrobid online cod, Missouri Western's Center of Multicultural Education initially had the idea of bringing Sex Signals to our school.
“I first witnessed this show while employed at a different campus; it was engaging, Macrobid overnight, entertaining and educational,” Isaiah Collier, Assistant Dean of Student Development, said. “I expect the show to deliver a powerful performance, and I also expect many students to show up.”
Collier also said that he hopes to have Sex Signals back at Missouri Western in the upcoming years, Buy Macrobid Without Prescription.
Catharsis Promotions reviews its Sex Signals presentation every year to measure its effectiveness among audiences and what it can do next to see that it continues to reach out and help to educate people.

Golden said that a program called Afterburner is often given as a follow up presentation to Sex Signals. Afterburner hits the key points on how predators use our cultures “hook-up” system as a way of excusing their act of sexual abuse. Beat the Blame, another follow up type presentation also put on by Catharsis, is similar to Afterburner in that it explains how predators may blame the victim in order to mask their personal guilt.
Sex Signals was created more than 10 years ago and in that time has managed to speak about rape prevention to over one million people in over four thousand presentations, nine hundred of those being at universities just like ours.

Sex Signals will present in Spratt 101 on Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 8 p.m.

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Kathleen Holeman Buy Accutane Without Prescription, It’s official. Canada, mexico, india, The cast of Western’s production of

The Drowsy Chaperone will get to work with a professional.

This past week, about Accutane, Accutane reviews, Western’s department of Theatre & Cinema held audition for their upcoming production of the musical The Drowsy Chaperone, but they had already cast the title-role of the show, Accutane street price. Buying Accutane online over the counter, It was Kathleen Holeman, who also works under the music department for Jazz vocal and piano studies, Accutane natural. Low dose Accutane, Holeman has been teaching part-time at Western for the past five years, teaching Jazz ensemble as well as piano and vocal lessons, Accutane without a prescription.

She does more than teach, though, Buy Accutane Without Prescription. Accutane images, She also works as a Jazz musician in Kansas City, sometimes performing solo work and often singing in front of a big band, online buy Accutane without a prescription. Real brand Accutane online, She performs at different bars, restaurants, Accutane forum, Buy Accutane online no prescription, and even private parties.

Holeman, buy no prescription Accutane online, Accutane pharmacy, who hasn’t done a theatre show in 20 years, is incredibly excited to get started on the show, Accutane dangers. Accutane from canada, “It’s great writing, the music is beautiful, buy Accutane from canada, Generic Accutane, ” Holeman said. Buy Accutane Without Prescription, “There are so many beautiful tongue-in-cheek and sarcasm sentences falling in-and-out everywhere. It’s just perfect.”

She claims to have been in love with the piece ever since she was notified of her casting.  “I laughed ‘till I cried, Accutane without prescription, Accutane cost, ” Holeman said, in reference to her reaction to the songs, Accutane long term. Accutane samples, She has an infatuation with some of the characters in the show, not just her own, Accutane photos. Herbal Accutane, “These two fellas, who are supposed to be mobsters, Accutane coupon, Buy Accutane online cod, sure do remind you of two out of the three stooges. It’s just a riot, get Accutane, Buy Accutane without prescription, ” Holeman said.

Director of the show and assistant professor of Theatre & Cinema, Tee Quillin, thinks she is perfect for the role, Buy Accutane Without Prescription.

“The role itself is right up her ally, Accutane for sale, Where can i buy cheapest Accutane online, ” Quillin said. “I think she is going to be fantastic, Accutane description. Online buying Accutane, She has a phenomenal voice.”

Holeman doesn’t see the role being a huge adjustment from her normal gigs. She usually hamming it up on stage and displaying several emotions, Accutane dosage, Order Accutane no prescription, so she doesn’t see the role to be too far from her experience. Buy Accutane Without Prescription, She has already dug into the depths on the character and began to realize how fun it is going to be to play her on the Potter stage.

“[She’s] this gal who is a bit more ‘mature’ and she has lots of incredible wisdom to share, comprar en línea Accutane, comprar Accutane baratos, Accutane maximum dosage, but it might not be about what you wanted to talk about,” Holeman said, online Accutane without a prescription. Buy Accutane from mexico, Quillin believes that she is going to have a ball with the role, as she gets to be drunk (in character) most of the show, no prescription Accutane online.

“The drowsy chaperone is really just a polite way of saying she’s the drunk chaperone," Quillin said.

Holeman is also very much looking forward to working with students during the production. She hopes to bring an influence into their education, Buy Accutane Without Prescription.

“They are great at what they do and I intend to be not a problem,” Holeman said. “I love working with students in the day-time here, why I wouldn’t I want to here?”

Quillin is very strong on her professionalism and thinks it will largely benefit the students.

“It’s always good for the students to see that and be a part of it,” Quillin said.

Both Holeman and Quillin are looking forward to the production, which runs from November 21-December 8, but Quillin is especially adamant about how much the audience is going to love her.

“It’ll just be a treat for the audience.”.

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Our lives with Olivia

Tara Stoll Pic 1     Tara Stoll has been with Missouri Western for 13 years, and in that time, her life has changed in many ways. Stoll’s job as a video communications producer has led to her to direct and edit a variety of videos for Missouri Western, but there’s one video in particular that highlights her other              job: being a mother. Stoll shot a video for United Way two years ago that focused on her daughter, Olivia, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes lifelong mental and              developmental delays and other problems. “At first, it was earth shattering,” Stoll said.  “I honestly couldn't believe it.” Stoll remembers being very scared about not knowing how her daughter’s disability would affect her family.  However, once she was educated on Olivia’s condition, Stoll couldn't                imagine life without her. “I was originally very ignorant of disabilities in general,” Stoll said.  “Different organizations have helped me with that, and I realized that Olivia was just a child.  She learns a bit differently, but she’s just a child.” Olivia has a sister, Amelia, who is three years older than her.  Stoll said that the relationship between the two is as natural as can be. “Amelia is aware of her younger sister’s condition, though she still wonders how it came to be,” Stoll said.  “But they fight and talk to each other like normal sisters do.” Olivia goes to United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of Greater Saint Joseph.  The executive director of UCP, Teresa Gagliano, believes that all children deserve to live a life without limits. "UCP's program provides critical, early intervention to children with developmental disabilities and their families," Gagliano said.  "We also strive to meet each child's and family's unique needs and provide them with services that allow them to truly live this 'life without limits.'" Stoll is also very involved with United Way to help raise money for various organizations across St. Joseph, such as UCP.  Along with shooting a video for them, Stoll is one of the organizers for the United Way campaign at Missouri Western. President of United Way of Greater St. Joseph, Kylee Strough, encourages people to get involved with the 2013 campaign by coming to some of the events or volunteering. “We have many events planned to help raise money for these organizations, such as the Missouri Western Paint It Gold Blitz, which we hope will raise excitement for the upcoming football season and Zumba at the B&J Skate Center,” Strough said. Stoll has hosted some fundraisers herself for the “Step Up for Down Syndrome" walk which will be held at Arrowhead Stadium on Oct. 26. “We’ve done fundraisers here in St. Joseph to keep the community involved,” Stoll said.  “We’ve set up events through McAlister’s and even had a bowling night where we raffled off prizes.” Stoll has learned so much from her daughter over the past five years and continues to host fundraisers to help raise money for organizations like UCP. “She’s become such an integral part of our lives,” Stoll said.  “We struggle sometimes, but we learn and grow and love, and that’s all we can hope for in life, right?” Details regarding the United Way 2013 Campaign can be found on their website For those who would like to volunteer for United Way, you can call (816) 364-2381.

Partridge’s last hurrah

20120929-_DSC4018 After such a magical season for Western football last year, quarterback Travis Partridge sees there being nowhere to go but up. Being a large part of Western’s first outright MIAA conference title in school history, Partridge is now entering his last season as a Griffon. The expectations are larger than ever. “As a competitor of a top-notch program, you have to expect more. We expect more,” Partridge said. Having several key players graduated and moved on, the expectations do present a large challenge. A challenge that Partridge sees as just another day at the office. “Everybody loses somebody. Teams lose people. It’s the teams that can reload, and restock, and step up that win,” Partridge said. With all of these expectations comes a lot of pressure, which is something that does not phase the senior quarterback. “If you’re a competitor, you like that pressure,” Partridge said. This season is about more than just football, though. It’s about a legacy. The past two years, Partridge has led Western under center with several ups-and-downs, but this will be his last go-round with the team. An emotional time, for sure. “It’s very surreal,” Partridge said. “There’s going to be a lot of emotions and hopefully they are positive.” Trying not to focus too much on the fact of the matter, Partridge is just trying to enjoy his last year at Western. “I am just really trying to enjoy my time here; it’s fun being around here,” Partridge said. This season will also, most likely, be his last time being coached by his father, Jerry. Partridge, who has a great relationship with his father, sees football as an all-consuming part of his life. “We talk about football all the time, but that’s what people do. They talk about common interests,” Partridge said about their relationship. While also recognizing that, don’t let their bloodline get in the way. “We’re father and son out there and coach-player in here,” Partridge said. Heading into his final season and coming off such a strong junior season, Partridge still sees a lot in his game that he can work on. He believes that any leader needs to be able to look at themselves and find what they need to improve on. “You really need to look at yourself in the mirror and say: what do I need to change?” Partridge said. The strong passion and determination that Partridge plays with has strong effects on his teammates and others around him. Senior wide receiver Derek Libby attests to Partridge’s effect on the Griffon locker room. “I’ve been playing with him for a long time, so we really have a feel for where he wants us to be,” Libby said. “He knows where we are going to be at every play.” After his days at Western are over, Partridge won’t just have effected the program, but the program has effected him. “I love this place,” Partridge said. “It’s fun to win at a place you’ve grown up loving.” Unsure of what the future may hold for him, Partridge knows one thing. He knows that he will always be a part of the Western family. “Who knows where I’ll be, but I’ll always be black and gold.”  

Local martini bar hosts film festival

St. Joseph’s first ever film festival has been organized and set to take place at Foster's Martini Bar downtown on Felix Street. All entries are in and the categories at the festival are comedy, drama, documentary, animation, and music video. One of the organizers of the event, Kiefer Helsel, said, “We'll have an award ceremony at the end of the night for each category and an overall winner as well.” Helsel is a bartender at Foster's Martini Bar and began collaborating with the owner, Nathan Karr, about putting on the festival in his bar. “Helsel and I were talking about it. I said why don’t we just do it here and you guys can do the judging and I can sell drinks,” Karr said. Foster's is separated into two different parts, therefore one part of the bar will be acting as the screening room for the films, and the other part will be serving drinks all day as usual. Helsel, who has been the driving force behind the film festival, said, “They kind of have me out there organizing it, getting entries, and getting the word out about it.” Although Karr is the owner of the bar, he says that he is just the guy who gets all the smart people together, stands by, sells drinks, and lets the organizers of Fosters Film Festival get it all together. This year, there were few restrictions implicated for submitted films in an effort to draw in as many entries as possible. “We made it pretty broad, so we said, 'basically keep it a maximum of 15 minutes... and as long as it can fit into one of the categories. Other than that, we didn't put a whole lot of restrictions on it," Helsel said. The winner of the contest will be awarded an FFF (Foster's Film Festival) trophy by the four judges at the end of the night. “We judge beforehand, so we’ll know the winners before presenting them at the end,” Mallory Edson, a Western alumni and festival judge, said. The festival took submissions from not only Missouri Western students, but also filmmakers in the St. Joseph area. International entries were also allowed, however, none were submitted this year. Fear not though, for Foster's Film Festival will be back next year. The group plans to make this an annual event that grows larger each year. Since they came up with the idea in July, they did not have the amount of time they would have liked to prepare and get word out about the festival. Although they expect to have high numbers in attendance this year, they hope to have even more next year after word spreads of this years' success. So head down to Foster's Martini Bar in down town St. Joseph on Oct. 5, order a drink, bring some popcorn, and enjoy the show.