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Tomb Raider Video Game Review

March 29, 2013 Comments

Daniel Cobb

Lara Croft, the enigmatic hero of the Tomb Raider video game franchise, is finally reborn through developer Crystal Dynamics, who hope to provide the series’ protagonist with a solid origin story that challenges Lara’s will to survive on an island full of insane mercenaries. Fresh out of college, Lara sets out on her first expedition […]

Mary Dockery gives credit to Western for success

March 25, 2013 Comments

Jourdan Ryan

For most of us, the second we graduate, we tell ourselves we will never meander the halls of our alma mater ever again. We throw our caps, have our graduation parties, and try as hard as we can to move on with our lives. Sometimes, the past just creeps back up on us though. That’s […]

Students face midterms

March 24, 2013 Comments

Jason Ruckman

While midterm grades do let students know where they stand academically, we must all muddle through the stress and worry of our mid-semester tests. With the stress of midterms weighing down on Western students this time of year, many still appreciate them for what they are and feel that they’re necessary for letting us know […]

Western alumni debuts first short film

Western alumni debuts first short film

March 18, 2013 Comments

Eboni Lacey

Imagine having to find two straight men that would be willing to kiss each other on camera and actually look like they like it? This was the task of Missouri Western graduate Joseph Franklin, who debuted his first short film in Kansas City this past week entitled “A Guy For Me.” [caption id="attachment_16820" align="alignleft" width="150"] […]

Should U Invest in Nintendo’s Newest Console?

March 12, 2013 Comments

Daniel Cobb

Nintendo struggled to keep up with its competition in the last generation of consoles. Though the Nintendo Wii sold incredibly well and became somewhat of a phenomenon, its low quality graphics, terrible online functionality and focus on motion controls were detrimental to its overall progress in the gaming world. With consoles like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s […]

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