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Students should have a say in where our money goes

As I’m typing this, I’m sitting next to a sheet of paper taped to the newsroom wall with an interesting quote attributed to HBO’s The Newsroom.  It reads, “there’s nothing that’s more important to a democracy than a well informed electorate.” I’ve taken this to mean that a government can’t truly be democratic without the voices of the governed, and... Read More

Don’t write the university a blank check

The Student Government Association will vote Monday on the most important legislation they have had in over three years: a proposal that would disperse $1.5 million in student fee money to the majority of student services departments on campus. More than $900,000 of the money will be given to departments, with no current plan for what the departments will do... Read More

What’s the deal with Georgia?

When Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal announced on Monday, March 28 his intentions to veto a religious liberty bill that would allow discrimination against members of the LGBT+ community, it seemed like an insanely progressive move for a deeply conservative state, right? I mean, Georgia is part of the Bible Belt. This place breathes Conservative Christianity. It’s as commonplace as Waffle... Read More

What it means to live on campus

If you’re a Missouri Western student that lives in the residence halls, you are well aware that a heavy chunk of your cost of attendance is paying to live in the dorms. Students choose to stay in the dorms for a lot of different reasons. For a lot of students it’s more convenient than trying to find an apartment nearby that... Read More