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Due dates and graduation statistics

When you type “pregnant college students” into the search engine it generates statistics regarding unplanned teen pregnancies, high school dropout rates and pregnancy prevention propaganda. Why doesn’t society like to discuss pregnant women dedicated to obtaining bachelor degrees from four-year universities in a positive light? Pregnant women aren’t only concerned about their due dates– they are also planning their graduation... Read More

SGA Farewell

Fellow Griffons, We hope your semester is going well!  My name is Alec Guy, and I am the Student Government Association (SGA) President until April 19.  I am a senior majoring in political science and economics.  I have really enjoyed my time at MWSU for many reasons but mostly because of working with, learning with, and getting to know all... Read More

13 reasons why you should reach out

With all the craze around the new Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why, there’s been a heightened awareness about suicide rates among young people. But I haven’t watched the show yet for two reasons. One, it’s finals month (yes, I like to consider the entire month of April one giant never-ending strain of madness and sleep-deprived hell). The other reason... Read More