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We like the new search committee

Missouri Western will be having its first search committee. The search committee will be in charge of finding the next president for Western as Dr. Robert Vartabedian takes his last school year as president. The search committee is comprised of the Board of Governors that has David Liechti, Al Purcell, Debbie Smith and Student Governor Paul Granberry III. Faculty members... Read More

The Great American Novel Sucks

We all had to read the “Great American Novel” in school, although I am sure that most of us did not actually read it. The “Great Gatsby” is a lot of people’s favorite classic novel, and while that’s a nice sentiment, people are allowed to have opinions after all. I think “The Great Gatsby” is terrible and here’s why. First... Read More

Meet Market 9/19/18

How do you break the ice with a girl? -Horny and Confused What’s up Horny and Confused, First off, I’d like to commend you for putting your judicial aspirations on hold in favor of bothering to break the ice. This is a pretty hard and fast way to both minimize suffering and hassle for both yourself and the girl. Considering... Read More