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Senate achieves much despite retention issues

As the semester winds down, so does the total number of senators for Missouri Western’s Student Government Association. According to Jacob Scott, vice president of SGA, the number of senators had risen to 16, but by the end of the semester that number will be down to ten as a result of graduation and senators participating in study abroad programs.... Read More

SGA buys playoff tickets for students

Missouri Western’s Student Government Association made an executive board decision to pony up the dough, buying 300 tickets for Saturday’s home playoff game — the first in school history. SGA gave away these tickets at noon on Monday, Nov. 14 in the Blum Student Union lobby to the first 300 students to claim them and agreed to co-purchase souvenir towels... Read More

Senate meeting hears from AD

Missouri Western’s Student Government Association kicked things off Monday night with a brief presentation from new Athletic Director Kurt McGuffin. McGuffin seems to be getting comfortable in his new role as he joked and talked to the Senate about his thoughts and goals for Western. “In the insider video, I said, ‘my most favorite sports memory was going to be... Read More

Committee commitment creating change

This year Missouri Western’s Student Government Association decided to shake things up a bit and try something new regarding committees. Traditionally, SGA met every Monday, and Senators would be responsible for attending committees in addition to this weekly meeting, but this year they decided to try a schedule that would allow for both at the same time. Jacob Scott, SGA... Read More