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Show us the money

Missouri Western administrators have recommended that the Board of Governors refund a tuition increase to undergraduate students that are residents of Missouri. This seems to be because Western finally received state funding that wasn’t budgeted. Now, there is an adjustment, leading to a possible refund – however small – to students that paid the increase in tuition for the fall.... Read More

Western develops master plan

Missouri Western is developing a master plan to better the campus and is looking for students’ help. Ann Pearce, special assistant to the president, said it is time for a comprehensive master plan since one has not been completed since the campus moved to its current location. “The master plan is really a strategic plan for the physical campus. As we... Read More

Thumbs up to the master planning team

In case you haven’t heard, the master plan project sounds pretty important. Just the name, ‘master plan,’ indicates that this isn’t just a normal, routine improvement plan – this is the comprehensive, big deal, will-affect-the-campus-for-a-long-time, master plan. This plan is going to affect almost every physical aspect of our campus – landscaping, building improvements (including the possibility of new buildings or... Read More

20 and married

“You’re MARRIED? How old are you?” “Aren’t you like 20?” “Why would you want to be married so young?!” I’m a 20-year-old full-time college student, a Missouri Western employee, the news editor for the Griffon News and a wife. Unfortunately, many people think one of these things doesn’t fit. I’ll give you a hint: it starts with a ‘w’ and... Read More

New chapter looks to lead students on campus

A new chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success is making its way to Missouri Western. According to a material distributed by the National Society of Leadership and Success, also known as the Society, they are, ‘an organization that provides leadership skills and personal, academic and professional development.’ Clifford Peterson, a senior psychology major, is an intern for... Read More