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All parties at fault: fallout from fundraiser disaster could’ve been better handled

When we heard about the incident at the Wyeth-Tootle mansion, we had a hard time believing that a night in St. Joseph could sound so much like a rough draft script of “The Hangover: Part 4.” Although, at first, it seemed like the party’s patrons were solely to blame for the thousands of dollars in damage and gunfire outside the... Read More

Bringing Cronkite to life

As you walk through the exhibits in the Cronkite Memorial on campus, you are practically strolling through the life of Walter Cronkite himself. Dr. Vartabedian, president of Missouri Western, and Bob Willenbrink, dean of the School of Fine Arts, are planning to bring a little more life to the exhibit. “What we are working on is the development of a... Read More

Guest Column: Library director outlines services

As Library Director, I was very pleased when Griffon News staff contacted me for information on e-books.  An article was subsequently published in the October 10, 2013 issue, page two.  Unfortunately, there were several serious misstatements which I would like to correct:   The article headline insinuates that e-books are new to MWSU.  While a large consortium collection of e-books... Read More