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Polarization in Politics

I am sad to say that I see a huge flaw handicapping our nation, and it is how politics are currently being viewed. The Democratic and Republican parties have become extremely polarized. There have always been differences between the two parties—after all, that was the reason for their formation—but they used to work together from their different stances instead of... Read More

Stepping Up to the Plate

This week the Missouri Western softball team helped support one of St. Joseph’s most famous landmarks in preparation for their annual Pumpkinfest fundraiser. The Pony Express Museum is hosting their 22nd annual Pumpkinfest on Oct. 12-14 to raise money to cover their functioning costs. When they requested Missouri Western students to assist them in preparing, the softball team stepped up... Read More

Students learn to make sushi

The international department taught students how to make sushi to spread culture and taste to campus on Monday, Sept. 24. The international department works hard to be involved on campus and to help build connections between the international and U.S. students. One of the ways that they have been staying involved is by offering three cooking classes per semester where... Read More

A Different Perspective on the Michael Brown, Jr. Shooting

A Missouri Western student from the Ferguson area relayed his memories from the day that Michael Brown, Jr. got shot back in 2014 and the implications that followed. The 18-year-old black man, Michael Brown, Jr., was shot four years ago on Aug. 9 by a white police officer, Darren Wilson. Missouri Western Student Marcus Triplett lives under 10 minutes away... Read More