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Mapley to retire after Fall semester

Western’s Institute Dean and Executive Director, Dr. Gordon Mapley, has given Western time to prepare for its next transition in leadership as he plans to fully retire as Dean and Executive Director at the end of this calendar year, Dec. 31.   Dean Mapley has been a student, a faculty member and an administrator for over 23 years before coming... Read More

Students and faculty display art at exhibition in Albrecht-Kemper Museum

The Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art located here in the heart of Saint Joseph, has just recently opened three new exhibitions. One of which has partnered with Missouri Western students and art faculty to showcase their talents with their artistry through paintings, sculptures and digital designs named the “Perspectives: Biennial Missouri Western Faculty Exhibition. “Just how we study Picasso now and... Read More

35 dumb things well intended people say

The Center for Multicultural Education put on a presentation last Tuesday for students to learn about offensive phrases, and what you can say instead. In today’s society, freedom of speech is promoted heavily, but those who have been offended by that right feel that some people abuse the amendment. Many people’s opinions can often be misconstrued or taken offensively, so... Read More