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There’s no doubt that on Jan. 9th newly elected Governor Eric Greitens walked in to a (word here) with the state debt totaling over $78 billion and rising by the second. It doesn’t a bi partisan lens to realize that the issue of tackling the states budget deficient is not easy feat. The issues begin to arise, however, when deciding... Read More

Mines of Moore-ia

January 17th at 3:33 p.m. will live in infamy to all students of Missouri Western. Griffons were unable to log into GoldLink. I too, was a bit irked that I couldn’t look up a condensed schedule of my classes. Then the thought came to my mind, “how much am I paying to go here and we can’t even keep GoldLink... Read More

Family Weekend Promises Exciting Events

(Info box information: Friday’s Events Women’s Soccer, 4pm, MWSU Griffons vs. Wayne State College Chris Carter, Mentalist, 7pm in Spratt 101 – Free Event Saturday’s Events President’s Pancake Brunch, 10am to 11am in Remington Atrium – Free Event Planetarium Showings – Free Event Cardboard Rocket – 11am Wonders of the Universe – 12pm The Serengeti – 1pm Student Organization Activity... Read More