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13 reasons why you should reach out

With all the craze around the new Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why, there’s been a heightened awareness about suicide rates among young people. But I haven’t watched the show yet for two reasons. One, it’s finals month (yes, I like to consider the entire month of April one giant never-ending strain of madness and sleep-deprived hell). The other reason... Read More

Why I Marched

Kay Siebler, Ph.D. (English, Modern Languages, Journalism) When I got on a 5 a.m. bus, leaving a church parking lot from Omaha, Nebraska on Friday, January 20, I was not looking forward to a 25 hour bus ride. But the energy of the two buses leaving for the Women’s March was electric. There was immediate sisterhood and solidarity with the... Read More


There’s no doubt that on Jan. 9th newly elected Governor Eric Greitens walked in to a (word here) with the state debt totaling over $78 billion and rising by the second. It doesn’t a bi partisan lens to realize that the issue of tackling the states budget deficient is not easy feat. The issues begin to arise, however, when deciding... Read More