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My Old Music Box

About two years ago, I was in in a little Amish town a few hours away. I was going around to all these cute little shops and I stumbled across an antique store. I didn’t really have any intention to buy anything, but as a I was looking around and a medium-sized brown box. I had to climb a little... Read More

Western celebrates Student Employment Week

Student Employment Week took place April 13 through 17 and has had an impact on both students and their employers. According to Brett McKnight, Student Employment Coordinator, student employment week is a week long recognition of student accomplishments. “It’s a week where colleges and universities all across the nation recognize student employees on campus. Part of that week is for... Read More

Cronkite in the Theatre

Visitors of the Cronkite memorial can now see Walter Cronkite come to life as the third and final installation of the Cronkite plays hits the stage. Gordon Mapley, Dean and Executive Director of Western Institute was excited to announce the touring of the Cronkite trilogy as the university works to bring the final play to life. “The third play is based... Read More

Phase four of Cronkite Exhibit to be ‘Out of this World’

As a wise man once said, “The profession of journalism ought to be about telling people what they need to know—not what they want to know.” This man was the most trusted man in America. This man was Walter Cronkite Western is home to a museum that pays tribute to Walter Cronkite’s life-long accomplishments. The museum holds various displays, including a replica... Read More