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National No Technology day

In today’s day in age, or the technology era as I like to call it, it is impossible to not see one person using their cell phone or any advanced 21st-century technology on any given day. Which makes me wonder what life, just for a single day, would be like if everyone was unable to connect with each other through... Read More

The Craig School of Business sets record in Scholarship Awards

The Steven L. Craig School of Business sets a record after awarding $82,000 dollars to 50 Missouri Western students. On April 12 at its annual ceremony, the Craig School of Business announced that a record number of scholarship awards was set for the 2018-2019 academic year. Approximately 46 current Western business students and four incoming students who are admitted and will enroll... Read More

Administration warns students of viral threat

Last week an email hoax threatening gun violence on school campuses swept through the United States, causing the FBI and Missouri Western administration concern. At least 46 states have been involved in an email hoax that according to The Mercury News in San Jose, California, has been sent by a Swiss cyber group. The hoax has gained the attention of media outlets... Read More

World Religions Panel aims to educate

Religion is a topic with no clear or correct answer, that’s why for centuries upon centuries friction arises when religious debates are held. However, this was not the case in Wednesday’s World Religion Panel. Missouri Western State University hosted World Religions Panel where a group of experienced religious speakers educated visitors about the nuances of the religion that they follow.... Read More

Marlon Wayans is coming to Western

April 5th Missouri Western welcomes its final special guest of the spring semester: actor, comedian and youngest sibling of the iconic Wayans family, Marlon Wayans. Several months ago, the Western Activities Council held a poll giving students the power to select who they would like to see come to Western’s campus. Four comedians were involved in the voting (David Spade, Wayans,... Read More