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Talking about Ferguson

The events that happened in Ferguson, Missouri will never be forgotten by the country. Missouri Western held a political science forum entitled “Speaking of Ferguson” with Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch presenting as the speaker. McCulloch was the man who decided to take the Michael Brown/Darren Wilson case to a grand jury instead of having a trial. The local NAACP chapter... Read More

An un-Belize-able trip

Spring break is always a nice intermission to the semester for all students, and for the BIO 220 Field Natural History class, it was nothing short of an adventure. Dr. Mark Mills lead 27 students plus two other chaperones, including his wife Louise Mills and Dr. Robert Nulph, to Belize for the duration of the break. BIO 220 is a... Read More

Crimes on campus

Clery Reports When high school students are looking into what college they want to attend for the next four years, something they all may consider is safety. Living on a college campus is a different experience from living at home. Like in the real world, a campus is its own little community. That being said, crimes happen on campuses just... Read More