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Using finals survival kits to motivate students

Missouri Western’s Student Success Center and Academic Advising Center is handing final’s “survival kits” to help prepare students for their upcoming finals. Academic Advisor for the Student Success and Academic Advising Center Derek Evans said when it comes to finals week, students are stressed and want something that takes their mind off the stress of finals week. “Students are stressed,... Read More

Mandy Harvey sings at Missouri Western

Deaf America’s Got Talent contestant Mandy Harvey sung her heart out at Missouri Western.  Harvey was brought to Western when a group of students was taken to National Association of Campus Activities and while on their trip there they saw Harvey, according to Assistant Dean of Student Development Isaiah Collier. “Last year they saw Mandy perform there at the concert and... Read More

Under new management at the physical plant

The Missouri Western Physical Plant will be under new management, Brian Adkins, after previous manager Jerry Gentry will be moving on to a different job.  Adkins started out as electrician with the school district, then moved up to management position. He was a supervisor for the Trades/Energy Manager. He worked with mechanical systems, another role that Adkins had was all... Read More