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Duncan “Jetman” Miller

Funny, musically talented and not afraid to shake his butt, Duncan “Jetman” Miller is one of the most outrageously entertaining students at Missouri Western. Miller, a freshman music education major, has a huge, outgoing personality that fuels his energy and passion for music and performance. Miller is a member of Phi Sigma Kappa. He sometimes speaks with a very convincing... Read More

Western student hopes to represent US in Olympics

Brianna Barnett braces herself in front of the barbell for the clean and jerk. She bends over and wraps her fingers around the bar, still in the mindset that she is going to thrust the 94 kg (206.8 pound) barbell over her head. She whips the weight up with her elbows out. Barnett puts one foot out in front of the... Read More

Cratchit family inspires Christmas Cheer

Imagine a Christmas not filled with expensive material possessions or large fancy dinners, but a Christmas filled with nothing to cherish and hold but our loved ones.  That is a Cratchit family Christmas. The Cratchit family is Dickens’ portrayal of what a poor family was like in these times.  Even though they are a large, poor family, they never lose... Read More