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Partnership benefits from sweet start

The sweet taste of success is booming for the Stephen L. Craig School of Business because of their partnership with Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and its subsidiary, Aspen Leaf Yogurt. Jodie Kunze is one of the owners of the business and was very pleased with how well their first day went Saturday. “It was so packed, and we never had... Read More

Western plans for future, looks to ‘graduate students for 21st century’

Missouri Western is learning from the past to build for the future by establishing goals to move the university forward. The strategic planning process is a way for Western to identify opportunities, establish goals and objectives to move forward in continuous improvement. Associate Provost and Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Cindy Heider said, in the current draft form, that... Read More

Swafford steps down, stays on to teach

Roger Swafford is stepping down as director of public relations and marketing, but said he is stepping up to do what he loves best. Although Swafford will be leaving his PR position, he will continue as a faculty member teaching at the Craig School of Business. “I’ve taught on the college level for over 15 years. I will be teaching... Read More

Faculty enforces own attendance policies in classes

Attendance policy changes at Missouri Western shouldn’t be viewed as an excused absence; check your professor’s policy, it may be tougher than the previous policy. Director of Financial Aid Marilyn Baker said that Western eliminated the overall institutional policy for 100- and 200-level classes because there were some regulatory changes that came through the U.S. Department of Education last year.... Read More

Sister shares experience with death penalty

To die or not to die, that is the question. On Thursday, Oct. 20 in the Kemper Recital Hall, Sister Christine Martin shared her experience corresponding with a death row inmate, Moses Young, in Potosi, Mo. She shared her thoughts and views about the death penalty while using her experience with Young and what she called a broken system. “I... Read More