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Board of Governors take first steps in presidential search

On Thursday Sept. 6, The Board of Governors held a meeting to discuss the search process of the next president of Missouri Western. Several staff members and administration were in attendance to listen and even give their own opinion highlighting who they want on the search list. The Board of Governors consists of Chair David Liechti, Vice Chair Deborah J.... Read More

Percussion Ensemble Festival

The second annual Percussion Ensemble Festival cymbalizes everything that Missouri Western strives to be. The event took place on April 24 in the Fulkerson Center. Local high school percussion ensembles performed throughout the day at Western for a clinic to receive a grade in front of judges. This event provided feedback for the high school students to perfect their performances.... Read More

Stolen Car from Griffon Hall is Returned

A non-resident student let himself into a propped door in Griffon Hall and stole a student’s keys as well as its correlating vehicle on Feb. 17. St. Joseph resident Tyren Colbert was taken into custody on March 21 at 5:35 p.m. and has been charged with burglary of 2nd degree which is a class D felony on April 4. Colbert... Read More

“Guns Everywhere” isn’t wanted on a campus anywhere

Missouri lawmakers have recently pushed for a new bill that would allow guns essentially everywhere in the state. This new bill is being referred to as the “guns everywhere bill”. The bill focuses excessively on having gun access in places such as churches, amusement parks, bars and even daycares. With this bill under discussion in Jefferson City, changes could be... Read More