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SGA wake up call

With Western’s administration on their knees financially it’s interesting how the SGA can still manage to place its lips firmly on administrations buttocks. SGA President, Alison Norris and the Senate are not representing the students and neither is Student Governor, Peter Gregory. The SGA was accused of initiating the passage of a smoking ban policy on Western’s campus in this... Read More

the Cross Reference: All I wanted was an old-fashion real Christmas

I was planning on having a great Christmas break until I started doing some research. I was trying to insure that I would have an old-fashioned Christian holiday season. It turns out that everything I planned on doing is wrong. I wanted an old-fashioned real Christmas tree until I found out that pagans of Northern Europe started this tradition long... Read More

Craig School of Business

Dr. Philip Nitse has served as dean of the Craig School of Business since 2010 and interim dean of the College of Professional Studies since 2011, but he is following his desire to return to the classroom as a member of the CSB faculty. Missouri Western Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Jeanne Daffron announced Monday that there was... Read More

Art bras for the cause

Students were offered a $50 award from the Griffon Arts Alliance to create the best-decorated bra using their skills in art and design. The bras are on display in Blum Student Union until Oct. 26, and students are encouraged see the bras and vote for their favorite. “I wish we could have started this going a week ago,” Griffon Arts... Read More