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Board of Governors pass on student requests

Missouri Western State University’s Board of Governors are charting the same budget course as last year which resulted in an additional $3 million above expenses without the additional $1.5 million from the Student Success Act’s fees. General operating reserves have surpassed $8 million, which is a ten-year high, and the BOG voted Thursday, Feb. 28 to spend down $1 million... Read More

the Cross Reference

It is so hard to come to class during this time of year. The only encouragement is the occasional person that is dressed for extremely hot weather just a bit too early. The type that have nothing on the legs but are wearing a down-filled winter coat are most amusing. It’s at good look for those with great legs, but... Read More

Missouri Western State High School

Personal freedom is getting restricted at Western to the point that all we need to complete the experience is lockers in the hallways and bells between classes. As you spend time here becoming an adult you have ever increasing restrictions and people who love to make decisions for you. Recently, for example, SGA voiced student’s approval of the new student... Read More