Constitution problems plague SGA: New constitution never placed on Nov. ballot

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Will the real Student Government Association constitution please stand up?

When students went to computers to vote in November for the SGA positions the measure to ratify a new constitution was missing from the ballot.

That new constitution was not on the Nov. 18 and 19 ballot because it was not approved by administration yet.

The members of the Student Senate voted to adopt Resolution F08-01 on Sept. 15, which attempts to enact a third constitution in as many years.

This new constitution comes after a line of presidents and senate members have tried to change the 2005 constitution.

Despite attempts to make modifications the 2005 version is the only constitution that meets all of the requirements of being approved by the SGA, MWSU administration and popular vote of the students to make it a ratified constitution.

The reasons for the attempted changes are many and depend widely upon which SGA administration you ask.

According to the past Vice President Luke Herrington, “Students were asking for better representation during the SGA administration of President Luke Gorham and Vice-President Jeff Knapp, who began making proposals to change the constitution somewhere around 2004 and 2005.”

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