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Tales from the Borderlands Review

“Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 1: Zer0 Sum” is without a doubt one of Telltale Game’s most electrifying experiences to date. For those not already familiar with developer Telltale’s previous outings, they tend to lean toward episodic content spread out over the course of several months. “Tales from the Borderlands” is their newest five-part epic, following in the footsteps of... Read More

New chief of police on the horizon

The newest chief of police is set to be chosen fairly soon, if everything goes according to plan. Chief of Police Jonathan Kelley retired in late June 2014. Missouri Western’s Risk Manager Tim Kissock took over as interim police chief while a committee was put together in order to find a replacement. Two candidates, Ken Mayberry and Ray Ottman, were... Read More

Advisement is near

It’s about that time again. With finals a little over a month away, students are preparing to register for the spring semester. And with this registration comes advisement. Advisement is important for a number of reasons according to Elaine Bryant, director of the student success and academic advising center. “If they haven’t declared a major, it’s important for advisors to... Read More

Choose to be happy

As part of the newspaper production class, we are required to write letters to our class advisor, Bob Bergland. I recently uncovered some of these letters of mine, dating back to the beginning of 2013 when I first started writing for the paper as a staff writer. I unfortunately wasn’t prepared for what my past self had written. Two of... Read More