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Missouri Western continues its fight to prevent child abuse

Everyday, five children in the United States will die from abuse. Missouri Western is continuing its five-year battle to end child abuse by educating the public and students in an affordable way. The Child Abuse: Education, Prevention and Investigation conference is free to students with a $10 lunch option meant to encourage networking among professionals and students. Non-students pay $45... Read More

And All That Jazz

Saturday, local students were given the opportunity to attend Missouri Western’s 11th Annual Jazz Festival and receive tips on how to become better musicians. The festival gave students the chance to play as a group and to be given constructive critiques of their performances. Students from Benton, Central, and Raytown played in Blum Union for the public, free of cost.... Read More

Series of Unfortunate Events Review

On January 13 my little heart was blessed with the Netflix Original release of A Series of Unfortunate Events, not to be confused with the 2004 Nickelodeon movie starring Jim Carrey and Jude Law. This series features Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf, who is the devious, comical and stubborn villain figure that attempts to steal the fortune of the... Read More