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Co-Lifestyles editor with the Griffon News. News Editor starting Spring of 2018.

News Editor says final farewell

I have been apart of the Griffon News for as long as I have been a convergent media major and when I think of my time at Missouri Western, I associate it with the newspaper. For one, the newspaper takes up all my time, but it also kept me in school in the first place. I was a creative writing... Read More

Chloe Rhein really fine

It’s officially the midpoint of the Spring 2018 semester and students are feeling the stress. Trying to finish assignments on time, taking extra credit opportunities in order to recover from bad midterm grades and realizing they have no more freebies to skip their morning class. Students are stressed and don’t have time to focus on themselves, so I’ve compiled a... Read More

Dual credit sees enrollment rise

Missouri Western’s dual credit enrollment has gone up 27 percent in the spring 2018 semester and actual enrollment is up by two percent due to the furthered reach of Western Institute recruitment in the Independence School District along with new recruitment strategies. Dual credit is for high school students that plan on getting a head start on their higher education.... Read More

Students and Faculty March for Their Lives

Around three hundred students, professors, parents and concerned citizens marched along the North Belt Highway with various viewpoints on gun regulation and gun violence, but despite these differences they all shared one goal: protecting students. On March 24, people met at the Ryan’s parking lot to participate in the national March for Our Lives protest. March for Our Lives started... Read More