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SGA protest continues

SGA has not yet resumed operations since the Senate voted to immediately adjourn on Jan. 29 in protest against administrative oversight. At that time, SGA stated in a press release that it was adjourning to “bring light to current issues faced with balance of power between the Student Government Association (SGA) and its administrators.” SGA President Kyle Fuson says that... Read More

Meet Market 2/7/2018

My boyfriend wants me to stop smoking so I won’t die early or whatever. I do want to not smell like cigarette smoke, but I love smoking. What do I do? Signed, Easily Addicted Dear Easily Addicted, Smoking, like other substance addictions, is rooted in our need to escape from the cold, empty bitterness that is reality. As such, while... Read More

Second degree sexual abuse reported on campus

On Jan. 19, a  second-degree sexual abuse case was reported to campus police. The crime occurred on campus and the suspect has not been publicly identified. According to the case report, there was one victim and four witnesses. Interim Police Chief Trevor Brown said that the case is currently in the Buchanan County prosecutor’s office and that the Police Department... Read More

Eric Greitens proposes $68 million cut to higher education

In his annual State of the State address, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens proposed a $68 million cut to state higher education funding. In a statement to staff, President Robert Vartabedian said that this cut would equate to a $2.2 million reduction for Missouri Western. This is the second round of cuts that the governor has proposed since he took office... Read More

The Meet Market 1/24/18

How do I take my girlfriend on dates when the weather makes me want to die or hibernate? Thanks, Seasonally Depressed Dear Seasonally Depressed, In the winter months, millions of people suffer from an increasingly acute awareness of the fact that their lives are meaningless and that we’re mostly destined to be decimated and forgotten. Nevertheless, most people still feel... Read More