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2. Meet Market 2/14/18

Dear __ I’m newly single and still recovering from a toxic relationship. I’m worried my past experiences will keep me from fully putting myself out there again and being really open with someone. How do you stay cautious so you don’t rush into anything, but open enough to be able to find something potentially great? Sincerely, Consciously Calloused Dear Consciously Calloused,... Read More

1. Meet Market 2/14/18

“What do you do when you’re in love with someone who doesn’t love you back?” -Swetea23 Dear Swetea23, You should view your relationship as the one-sided affair that it is. You should stay as long as it continues to have use to you. Think of your person as a sort of emotional ATM. Keep withdrawing cuddles, sex, free food and... Read More

3. Meet Market 2/14/18

“My girlfriend says I’m not hip and cool. I don’t have the newest emojis and my favorite movie is the Big Lebowski. Should I dump her for not being as cool as me, or should I dump her because we don’t mesh well? I want to be as delicate about this as possible. -Good Guy” Dear Good Guy, Whether it... Read More

SGA needs to develop a platform ASAP

SGA’s protest against administrative power is founded upon strong principles that flow through previous political movements, both here in the United States and abroad. If successful in amending the constitution and bylaws the way they say they want to, it’s hard to imagine that future students and SGA members won’t look back fondly on this movement. This is why it’s... Read More