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Meet Market 4/18/18

How do you date in the age of technology? What’s the possibility of finding someone when most of our interactions are online/through text? Sincerely, Tech Savvy Dear Tech Savvy, Like most of life, dating is relegated to digital representation in lieu of anything that could be principly described as real. Since there are so many ordinary people who represent potential... Read More

SGA presents first draft of amended constitution

SGA held its first reading of the constitutional amendments that it pushed for during its demonstration in January. In addition to several grammatical corrections and terminology updates, duties were outlined for the Judicial Branch and veto power over the Senate was updated in accordance with the problems raised by the SGA during its demonstration. President Kyle Fuson says that the... Read More

Meet Market 4/11/18

What should one do when the girl that they like doesn’t respond to their messages? Sincerely, Ignored Dear Ignored, While the Western world’s general fascination with instant gratification and easy access to information can be frustrating, it has the happy side effect of making simple relationship calculus considerably less painstaking. At least in the United States, a generation of cell... Read More

Chiefs training camp is returning to Western

The Kansas City Chiefs and Missouri Western were all over the news at the start of the spring semester after a new contract extension was agreed upon to bring the team back to St. Joseph in the summer of 2018. But what most people don’t know is what is actually contained in those Chiefs contracts. The agreement, announced in January... Read More

Meet Market 3/28/18

“I have an ex who is really sweet, and I care about their feelings a great deal. I can’t seem to get them to understand the space that I need post-relationship. How do I get my point across without being hurtful or too blunt?” -Sincerely, Claustrophobic Dear Claustrophobic, Breakups are the fine print that people overlook when they enthusiastically sign... Read More