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How to be a good roommate

When it comes to being a roommate, Western students, there is one rule you need to remember above all else: it is “our room,” not “my room.” This year may almost be over, but some of you will be taking summer classes or will return for the fall semester, which means you will still be a roommate to someone, with the... Read More

Western celebrates Women’s History Month

“If society will not admit of women’s free development, then society must be remodeled,” Elizabeth Blackwell, first women to receive a medical degree in the US once said. Women’s History Month took place this month, starting March 1 and will be ending on March 31. Several events have taken place since its start, including screening of movies and educational events.... Read More

Healing in Rwanda; What we can Learn

Dr. Gerise Herndon will be coming to Missouri Western State University as a guest speaker to talk to the students about post-conflict Rwanda  and the recovery. Herndon will be arriving on March 2 to teach the students of Western’s campus. Herndon became an expert in the case of Rwanda years ago when she met a French professor at the University of Nebraska... Read More

Jazz It Up

Lewis Armstrong once said, “Man, if you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.” Whether or not that holds true, the Jazz Festival took place on Saturday, Feb. 14, and featured Kansas City jazz band, The Project H. The Project H is a seven-piece ensemble recently chosen as Kansas City’s best jazz ensemble by Pitch magazine. In charge... Read More