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A Brief History of Student Success

The Student Success Act, signed into action in 2012, is a Student Government legislation that outlines a $75 a semester fee for certain student services and a committee to oversee the allocation of funding. The program was initially created to cover a possible cut in state education funding. If a funding cut had been enacted, student services— Esry Health center,... Read More

Guy/Samenus win heated election, found “in violation” of 2 of 5 election discrepancies

Alec Guy and Connor Samenus ere announced as the winners of the heated 2016 SGA presidential election, over presidential candidate Brad Stanton and running mate Haden McDonald, Friday March 4. The results came after a controversial election committee hearing that deliberated five discrepancies alleged by the Stanton/McDonald campaign. The vote, Guy/Samenus, 263, Stanton/McDonald, 216, came after the Election Committee found... Read More

Alleged SGA election discrepancies released

The following are four alleged elections campaigning discrepancies made by the Stanton/McDonald campaign against the Guy/Samenus campaign. SGA Discrepancy 1 SGA Discrepancy 2 SGA Discrepancy 3 SGA Discrepancy 4   The SGA Election Commissioner, Mike Smith, must review the allegations with the Elections Committee and SGA Advisor. Though the SGA election will conclude Thursday 11:59 p.m. the committee is scheduled to... Read More

University is not too cool for the pool

Missouri Western aquatic fanatics can swim happily now that the Board of Governors has voted to approve $600,000 for renovations to the M.O. Looney pool. The unanimous vote at Thursday’s meeting also finalized the funding partnership between the university and the City of St. Joseph. Cale Fessler, vice president for financial planning and administration, introduced the proposal to the governors,... Read More

The Western ‘Talking Catbirds’ win big with state championship

Some students have extreme athletic talents and compete in sports; others can draw or write masterfully and enter into national contests; while others still have the talent of speaking fast and dominating discussions. Two of Western’s “fast talkers” proved their meddle at Webster University over the weekend by winning a state championship in Parliamentary-style debate. Chris Miles, junior, and Casey... Read More