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Homecoming Committee ironically violates international, federal trademarks

The Phi Delta Theta fraternity received a rude awakening in late September from the Missouri Western Homecoming Committee— the fraternity had violated policies surrounding Homecoming branding. Using the “MWSU Homecoming” brand, Phi Delta Theta had created Homecoming t-shirts and had begun selling them to students and community members. However, after hearing of Phi Delta Theta’s shirts, the Homecoming Committee ruled... Read More

Policy ‘misunderstanding’ causes confusion for Phi Delta Theta

A “misunderstanding” about homecoming t-shirts led to a bit of tension between Phi Delta Theta and Missouri Western Student Affairs. The fraternity made the decision this fall to open their homecoming t-shirt design for campus-wide purchase, a move that Student Affairs said is against general RSO polices, as well as the spirit of homecoming itself. “There was a misunderstanding as... Read More