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Two art students to create comic book for Califonia writer

“Amazing” is just one of the many words writer, director and producer Lia Scott Price used to describe Missouri Western art students Andrew Setter and Chad Hammontree. Setter, who is a printmaking major but insists he is the only illustration major, made an account on and started applying for jobs all over the place. Finally one stuck. Price, who... Read More

Hungry for more

Like most books created into movies, the books are usually better. The movie version of Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games” is in the same category. While people who never read the book enjoyed this action-sci-fi-drama, I was left wanting more. Set in the future of North America, the United States is gone. There is only a Capitol and 12 Districts.... Read More

Writers Circle helps improve creativity

Colorful compliments and helpful criticism echo in Eder 211 after students read the short stories and poems they have been working hard on aloud. English professor and leader of Writers Circle, Dana Andrews, throws out “That’s good shit, man,” and “You can’t teach that” to his “veterans” that have been with the group for semesters. English professors Andrews and Meg... Read More