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SSA needs more oversight

After looking through the SSA budgets, it’s hard to know what to make of how SSA was spent last year overall. These funds were spent in a variety of ways. From events, to food, to printing, office supplies, postage and other items, student fees paid for it. Overall, one thing becomes clear: SSA needs more accountability measures. That’s not because... Read More

SGA appoints eight associate justices, two spots remain

SGA approved eight justices to sit on its recently developed judicial branch. SGA senate passed a bill on Monday night appointing Mazzie Boyd, Jashira Bolden, Dexter Carmichael, Rachel Gonzalez, Leo Grantham, James Mcquerrey, Cameron Price and Eugenia Wallance as justices. The legislation had been tabled at the last SGA meeting on Nov. 13 due to a lack of bylaws regarding... Read More

SGA Senator submits complaints, suggests President should step down

In the open discussion portion of Monday night’s SGA meeting, one of the senate’s newer senators presented a list of proposed motions to SGA members and the gallery. Senator Jonathan “AJ Billions” Aldridge submitted a document with 15 points of proposed action. These points were labeled as motions and were described on the document as coming from “many MWSU students... Read More