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This week’s Chats with Matt discusses a new scholarship opportunity, the recent announcement of a lacrosse program, new year’s resolutions and thoughts on the first semester of presidency.


Are there any new scholarship opportunities in 2020?

In the spring semester, students will have the opportunity to compete for a scholarship where it pays to play. According to Wilson, he will be facing off against students in free throw competitions at 10 basketball games. 


“If you beat me, you’ll be eligible to compete against me during our last men’s basketball game for a scholarship,” Wilson said.


The size of this scholarship has not been announced, but students will have the opportunity to sign up in advance to compete.


Was the lacrosse team created because of Title IX?

Missouri Western recently announced the creation of a women’s lacrosse team. Some students have claimed that the team was created in response to the esports team in order to remain compliant with Title IX. However, Wilson said Title IX was not a consideration at all. 


Do you have any finals tips?

Finals start at Missouri Western on Dec. 9 and continue until Dec. 13. Wilson said that students should stay strong with less than two weeks left before winter break.


“Stay on task, study, but make sure that you don’t burn yourself out,” Wilson said. “Talk to your professors before it’s too late.”


What are your resolutions going into 2020?

Wilson said that his biggest resolution was to remove obstacles for students. He said that one way Missouri Western is becoming more welcoming is by opening Potter Hall to 24 hour access via a swipe card system.


Any final thoughts on your first semester?

As finals approach and students begin packing for a much anticipated break, Wilson’s first semester as president is drawing to a close. With one semester under his belt, Wilson said he was thankful to students for embracing 


“It’s been an honor to serve the students and to be able to engage,” Wilson said. “I’ve appreciated the students, the energy that they add and the willingness to engage with me in their activities. It’s truly been a pleasure to do that because you know together, we can do anything.”


Have a question, comment or concern for President Wilson? You can submit them directly to his office at According to Wilson, he views every submission personally. For a chance to have your questions answered in the newspaper, send a direct message to @Sarna_GN on Twitter, a message to The Griffon News on Facebook or email