Laundry Upgrades

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By: Ryleigh Reagan


Broken washers and dryers will supposedly become a thing of the past this coming January as Missouri Western upgrades laundry services in of all the residence halls. 

Caldwell and Gregory, a company that focuses solely on university laundry systems, has been chosen to complete the renovations — at no cost to Missouri Western. 

Last year, Residential Life and student representatives formed a committee to look into an upgrade. The committee chose with Caldwell and Gregory to supply Missouri Western with all new washers and dryers and renovate the laundry rooms in Juda and Beshears halls. 

The potential costs for all of the upgrades and renovations might seem worrying, but Caldwell and Gregory have worked together with the university to quell any fears. Missouri Western will be getting all the upgrades for free while Caldwell and Gregory will just be getting a commission from the machines each month. 

According to Assistant Director of Residential Life Joshua Maples, there is not a guarantee that the cost of using laundry machines will increase after renovation.

“The pricing might change,” Maples said. “It hasn’t been decided on what the final pricing is just yet.” 

Caldwell and Gregory have shown Missouri Western historical cost data from other universities across the nation, but the university ultimately reserves the right to set the price of use at will.

In the past, some students have had issues with the laundry services. Washers and dryers have developed a reputation of going out of service or all being full. Sophomore Maelea Coulson knows the struggles of finding open, working machines to do laundry on campus.

“I try to go into the laundry room before I do my laundry just to know if there is actually going to be a washer open,” Coulson said. “It has made it kind of difficult to get stuff done in a timely manner.”

According to Maples, those problems should be all but eliminated with the upcoming renovations. Students can look forward to mobile features for the washers and dryers, such as an app that will show when machines are in use or open. The app will send text notifications when a laundry cycle is finished and automatically send alerts when there is an issue with a machine to get it fixed faster. Students can also utilize mobile pay instead of quarters, though change can still be used if desired. Sophomore Megan Drannon is looking forward to the mobile payment feature in particular.

“I do think that the mobile pay is a very up to date way to conveniently do your laundry,” Drannon said. “I think the upgrades are great and much needed.”

According to Maples, the laundry services upgrades will happen over winter break and should be ready by the time students come back to school for the spring semester.