Gold Fridays

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By: Avery Corkins

Beginning in August 2020, Missouri Western is implementing a new approach to course scheduling called Gold Fridays

This initiative was introduced by President Matt Wilson to make Fridays more functional for students. 

Most classes will be held from Monday to Thursday so that students can utilize any tools, work opportunities, study time, meetings, internships, family time and more on Fridays. This now frees up the worry of class conflicts on one dedicated day for all students and faculty. Gold Fridays also presents students with the opportunity to have real world experiences in the middle of attending college. This could open many career doors for students throughout their educational journeys. 

Missouri Western freshman Amanda Lowell is highly anticipating Gold Fridays.

“I am beyond excited for the time that I will get to plan out and work on my studies,” Lowell said. “This is my first semester in college so I am sure it will just get harder, but having an extra day to get work done will by far make college easier to manage and simply more enjoyable.”

Not only are students excited for this initiative, many staff members are as well. 

Missouri Western biology professor Dr. Cary Chevalier is a large supporter of this new effort brought about by President Wilson.

“Instead of being pinned down to lecture and labs throughout the day, the day is now unstructured institutionally,” Chevalier said. “That leaves faculty and students the opportunity to do creative stuff. This makes Fridays easier for us in the biology department because we go on field trips and sometimes those interfere with our colleagues classes and we have to pull students from them. That is not fair.” 

While some students and staff have come out in support of the initiative, criticisms have also been raised about the change.

According to Missouri Western student Chandra Traxler, this initiative should have been presented to students before it was finalized and announced. 

“I have talked to many students about it and most seem to be confused about how they will treat things like student jobs, clubs and sports,” Traxler said. “There is also an issue with how it will affect class schedules. Most general education courses are three days a week and need all of that time to teach their materials. However, with Gold Fridays, what will this mean?”

With Gold Fridays not officially starting until the fall of 2020, students will have time to prepare for what is to come and ask questions along the way. For more information about Gold Fridays, visit or email