Missouri Western in the 1990’s

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By: Avery Corkins

Roaring and soaring through the ‘90s is this years homecoming theme at Missouri Western.

A lot of our current students didn’t get to enjoy this decade like others did because they were born in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s. There are also many students here who got to experience this time period to the fullest. 

The 1990’s was a decade full of legendary musicians, fashion trends, tv shows, hairstyles and much more. Anyone that had the chance to experience the 1990’s also got to live in the world before technology and media started booming. With this being said, college in the ‘90s was a whole different story before technology became so advanced. What exactly was Missouri Western like at this time? 

English professor Dr. Bensyl has been teaching here at Missouri Western since 1991and has had to adapt to many different methods and tools of teaching. 

“When I first started, we didn’t have teacher stations in each classroom, no tv or computer,” Bensyl said. “If we wanted to use an overhead projector or the TV, we would have to wheel it into the room on a cart.”

Today, professors are fortunate enough to have stations in every classroom that include a computer, a projector and even a document camera. 

Dr. Brian Cronk has been teaching psychology classes here on campus since 1993. He has seen 

many tremendous changes through the years. 

“It’s been nice to see how we have grown from a purely commuter campus to more of a traditional college or university,” Cronk said. “How the student body has grown from people who came here in the ‘90s because they couldn’t leave home or couldn’t get in somewhere else to know where a lot of our students chose to come here.”

There are many programs at Missouri Western that draw students into choosing to the Griffon life. Cronk finds Missouri Western’s progress of student involvement to be crucial to the university because if our students enjoy going here, then they can spread the word about our school.

Dr. Todd Eckdahl of the biology department was hired back in 1993 as the department’s first molecular biologist. Over the years, Dr. Eckdahl has seen this university bloom into a more mature and well reputable school. 

“One of the important things that I want to comment on is that the faculty have changed in the time that ive been here,” Eckdahl said. “Most faculty saw their jobs as teaching, and that is still job number one, but in all departments around campus what I now see are lots more examples of what people refer to as ‘teacher scholars,’ which is a really good model for being a faculty member. It is great to be a teacher and rely on what you learn about your discipline as a graduate student, but it is much better when you remain active in your discipline, and that’s what makes you a scholar. I have seen that as a way our faculty have matured and the institution has matured along with it and this helps students get a better education.”

From overhead projectors and transparencies, to slideshows and document cameras. Full classes taught from a book with paper tests turned into classes fully on canvas. Technology has helped this school evolve into what it is today, and the professors who have been here since the ‘90s really got to witness the impact it made on Missouri Western as a whole.