Mental health is falling like the season

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By: Zoe Jones

It’s that time of the semester where everything is starting to fall. The leaves, the temperatures, the time with sunlight, attendance in class, mental health – the list goes on.

I think sometimes people don’t take it seriously when college students start to talk about how their mental health is struggling at this point. We’re all stressed and panicking. Some getting to the point of not being able to sleep at night, or even making themselves get physically ill. It happens more often than people realize. Just a few weeks ago, I had a classmate stress so much and get so ill, she ended up in the hospital, and it seems that that’s the only time we ‘re given somewhat of a break.

I understand that college is a stressful time, and that we’re supposed to be doing a lot, but doing homework for four-eight classes pretty much everyday, trying to maintain a social life, work so we have money to continue to go to school, etc. It is very hard.

I hate when people tell us, “We’re just trying to prepare you for the real world.” No. In the real world, I’m not juggling assignments from several different bosses that I only see two to three times a week, and I’m not doing projects like I am here. I plan to go into a demanding field, but for my own mental sake, I really hope it’s not just like this. I don’t think I could do it forever, and I love my field.

It’s also beyond difficult to find the time to go visit the counseling center when you start to really get down on yourself. The hours are limited, and when you’re trying to squeeze that in on top of everything else going on, it can be another topic that brings you down.

I won’t complain too much, because I’m not someone who deals with actual mental health issues, but I do want people to be aware that the seasonal depression is hitting the students here. Very fast. 

Needless to say, I can’t wait for winter break.